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Fall Fashion Trends

As summer comes to a close, stores worldwide are rolling out their latest in fashion trends for the fall season. Every year, shoppers trade light and airy summer pieces for thick and cozy fashion that is perfect for the cooling temperatures. All the rage this fall includes clothing in darker hues, a cute pair of booties, caramel leather accessories, and comfy knit pieces.

Darker Hues

After labor day, white and pastels are out and moody, darker color ways are back in. The biggest color for fall is a deep burgundy color called Oxblood and it is certain to be seen on runways and store shelves worldwide. Other on trend colors include army green, beige or chocolate brown, and deep greys. These color palettes aren’t limited to just clothes though. Seasonal fall colors can also be used to elevate manicures, hand bags, shoes, lipstick, or even hair. A deep maroon lipstick or nail polish color is the perfect way to make any look seasonally appropriate. Many women color their hair darker after summer is over and highlights are out of season. Consider a darker brunette or deep maroon shade to fit the fall aesthetic. Luxury hair pieces in one of these hues are an ideal way to wear the trend without fully committing to coloring hair.


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Boots and Booties

Wearing seasonally appropriate footwear during the colder temperatures is a given, and if 2016 was any indication, then this fall will be all about the booties, a shorter style of boots. A good pair of booties in a neutral color tone can be worn with almost any outfit, from dresses to skinny jeans, and instantly make it on trend. This year, suede has really risen as the top material choice but, of course, leather will always remain a classic.


Caramel Leather

By far, the easiest way to transition accessories from summer to fall is by switching to a buttery leather in a caramel color. From handbags and boots to belts and even watch bands, this neutral color instantly adds an autumn vibe to any outfit. A tall pair of riding boots in a caramel leather is a fall classic with leggings or skinny jeans.


Cozy Knits

When the temperatures start to drop, it is time to start breaking out the cozy knits and snuggle up by the fire. A thick knit cardigan in a beige or ivory color tone is the perfect piece to transition from fall to winter. Throw it on as a layer over a plaid shirt and add a pair of booties in leather or suede and you are well on your way to an effortlessly easy fall outfit. Another big trend for the fall is the “duster” sweater which is longer in length and generally falls to knee length or below. These come in a variety of fabrics and are great transition pieces in lighter materials as they can be worn to contrast with shorts at the beginning of fall when temperatures are still warmer. Let’s be honest, any wardrobe piece that feels like wearing a robe while actually making you look put together and elevating your outfit is a win-win by any standard.

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Halloween How To: Disney Princess

With fall fast approaching, Halloween costume parties are right around the corner. It’s a good idea to get an early start on costume planning since stores typically sell out of the more popular costumes by early October. If you would like to dress up as one of the ever popular Disney princesses, why not take your look up a notch and try putting the costume together yourself instead of buying it premade? The following is a list of the essential costume components you’ll need to start planning.

The Iconic Dress

Each princess is easily recognizable when wearing their most well-known dress. From Cinderella’s iconic blue ball gown (compliments of her fairy godmother, of course) to the yellow dress Belle wears when she dances with the Beast– each princess has an outfit that defines them. Most costume and party supply stores sell one-time use costumes that are likely the most affordable option. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more special, there are many handmade options on crafting sites like or even You may be able to find a really great dress option by checking out local thrift stores for old prom dresses and tweaking them to meet your needs. After all, a bright yellow ball gown doesn’t need to look identical to Belle’s gown. As long as you have the hair, make up, and accessories right, everyone will know which character you are going for. While thrifting is certainly a great option in regards to price and finding a truly unique gown, it is more time consuming so if you’re planning to go this route, you should probably start your search now.

The Princess Hair

The most defining feature of any Disney princess is arguably her hair and hair style. While almost all princesses have long hair, they each have their own style and statement color. From Ariel’s bright red mane to Jasmine’s seriously long jet black pony tail, the easiest way to make a costume recognizable is by nailing the hair. If you currently have a hair color different than that of your chosen character, there are a few options to try. You can use a temporary hair color which can be found in aerosol cans at party stores and can be easily sprayed on. Alternatively, you could buy a wig which are sold at virtually every price point. It’s worth mentioning that you get what you pay for when it comes to wigs though. A cheap wig will look cheap and it will be very hard to manage after only a use or two. If you already have blonde hair, like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, you may just need to add luxury hair extensions in order to add length since it’s unlikely that most people have hair as long as that of a Disney princess. This option will certainly look the most realistic.



The Accessories

Once you have the dress and the hair down, you are 90% of the way there. However, the details in the last 10% are what really take a good costume to a great costume. Replicating jewelry, tiaras, and hair pieces can easily be done on a minimal budget thanks to affordable costume jewelry. Additionally, if your princess has a side kick, like Tiana’s frog or Jasmine’s tiger, try adding a stuffed animal or even dressing up your own pet in its own costume to really take things over the top.

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4 Steps to Simplify Your Life

The daily grind of raising a family and running a household can be taxing on anyone, both emotionally and physically. Truly simplifying your life can help you focus on those things that matter so that you can focus 100% of your energy on what you need and want to do, instead of feeling like you are being pulled in many different directions. Follow these four steps and you can live a more focused, grounded, and less stressful day to day life.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Much of the time we spend is on activities related to stuff. It seems to multiply out of thin air. Think of all the hours of your life you’ve spent picking up, trying to organize, and storing toys that your children don’t truly need or even play with that often. The same can be said for anything, whether it be clothing or even cookware. How many times have you opened up a previously organized drawer, only to find it in complete disarray again and bursting at the seams? The easiest way to manage stuff is simply to have less of it. Marie Kondo, a bestselling organization writer, advises people to purge their house completely of anything that does not bring them joy—either in its appearance or utility.


Take Care of What You Have

A lot of the time, little stresses in life turn into bigger stresses when we don’t take care of them. Think about your car. Getting the oil changed regularly can feel like an inconvenience but if you don’t service and maintain your car, you will have bigger problems down the road and even more stress and inconvenience when your car doesn’t work properly.  Once you get rid of everything in your house that you don’t want or need, it is easy to take care of those things you do have because you realize just how important and vital they are.


Cut Out Unnecessary Stress

Unnecessary stress can creep in using many forms. It can even be as simple as changing up your make up or beauty routine. Instead of using a primer, moisturizer, concealer, and then foundation, try using products that combine these functions and save vital time, storage area, and money. If you love having long hair but don’t necessarily want the stress of maintaining it, perhaps try clip-in hair extensions which can be removed and are generally low maintenance. Another way stress can creep in is in day to day activities like putting a meal on the table. Instead of cooking every night or guiltily calling for take-out when you aren’t able to, try cooking every few days but doubling the ingredients and thus your output. This will simplify grocery shopping as well, adding in additional precious minutes back to your day.


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Outsource Where You Can

If you are able to, outsource chores like cleaning, laundry, or yard maintenance as much as you can. Write down what is most important to you and then prioritize your budget accordingly. If having a bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service and the corresponding time spent with your family instead of cleaning is more important to you then dining out every weekend or having your nails done, spend your money on that instead.

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Autumn Wedding Trends

While most brides wish to celebrate their big day in early spring to summer, an often overlooked and underrated time of year for weddings is during the fall. Autumn weddings offer a more temperate climate as well as stunning foliage which would make a lovely background setting for any outdoor wedding.


Unique Venues

With outdoor scenery beginning to light up in a dazzling display of fall foliage and comfortable temperatures, the ideal venue for an autumn wedding is certainly outdoors. Think of areas with lots of foliage or fields of yellow grass that could work for a wedding, like a city or state park. A farm with an old barn could also be stunning, as would a field of sunflowers. Of course, temperatures may begin to lower as the evening continues, so hosting the reception indoors is a good option. If not, maybe provide baskets of flannel blankets to keep with the autumn theme for guests who might be cold or have mini fire pits set up for additional warmth.


Harvest Colors

Autumn is a great time to experiment with colors that are outside the normal pastel hues of blush pink or mint green which have become increasingly popular over the years. Jewel tones can be stunning in a flower bouquet and offset with something a bit more rustic, like perhaps wrapped in burlap or tied with straw. Think deep purples, wine, burgundy, mauve, dusty blue, burnt orange, navy, and dark greens.


Seasonal Food

There are endless seasonal food options that could be incorporated into a fall theme. For wedding favors, a cute idea might be tiny pumpkin or apple pies as a seasonal treat. During the cocktail hour, set up a hot cocoa and cider station that will warm the body and heart should temperatures start to drop off. You can set up dark rum for spiking the cider and a cream liqueur to add to the hot chocolate, should your guests need additional warmth. Fun toppings might include marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, apples slices, or candy corn. A caramel apple bar would also be a well-received option at the dessert station, with individual apple slices being dipped in caramel to make things less messy for guests as opposed to biting into a full apple.


Soft Wavy Hair

Popular hair styles for fall weddings tend to feature soft, loose, waves in colors like chestnut or a deeper brunette shade. A luxury hairpiece is a type of extension made from real hair that can add length and volume and is available in any shade to match your existing hair color.  Try incorporating a braid, such as a fishtail or Dutch braid, around the crown to add interest and volume. Extensions can provide the length and thickness needed for such a braid to fully wrap around the head.


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Autumn Themed Décor

The options for cute autumn décor are endless. For the reception tables, you could use plaid, buffalo check, burlap, or lace as a backdrop. Seasonal produce and foliage can be used as décor with bunches of cinnamon sticks, chopped logs, red and green apples, pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers, and leaves.

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4 Tips for the Perfect Braid

Braids have made a big comeback over the last few years. Where once upon a time they were associated with cowgirls or elementary school aged girls, now you would be hard pressed to find a red carpet event without at least one A-list celebrity who isn’t wearing a braided hair style. Most anyone can master the classic three piece braid but there are a few tricks can be utilized to take your braid to the next level.


Try A New Style of Braid


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There are dozens of styles of braids with tutorials online in written or video form, so if you’re feeling bored with the classic three piece braid, try a new style. It’s amazing how changing the style of the braid can transform the entire vibe of your look. A messy fishtail braid can perfectly complement more formal attire while a pair of Dutch braids can give the perfect whimsical touch to a more free flowing dress or maxi skirt.


Tease for Volume

No matter the type of braid you’re going for, there is nothing that can cause a hair style to fall flat more than, well, flat hair. Tease the hair around your crown and add a few spritzes of hair spray in order to add volume. To do this, simply take a few pieces of hair closest to your face and set them aside with a bobby pin or clip. Then, take a section of hair from the top of your head and brush the hair down towards the shaft, opposite the way you normally would brush. Spray this back combed section with your favorite hair spray. Finally, take the front section that you previously set aside and brush it over the top back combed section. Ta-da! Instant volume.


Add Length and Thickness

There are some seriously enviable photos of braids permeating Pinterest and Instagram these days. You may follow the exact same directions as given in the tutorial and still not have a braid that is as thick or as long as those in the photos—even if you have long hair! The secret is that many of these braiding tutorials picture beauty bloggers or hair models who have hair extensions to add length and thickness to their braids. Even stylists who don’t normally use hair extensions will use them when doing a braid—especially for styles like a Dutch braid that wraps around the head.


Perfectly Imperfect

After slaving away at braiding the perfect hair style for your look, it might seem counter intuitive that the best finishing step is to mess it all up—but just a little! You don’t want a braid that looks too tight or too perfect because it lacks movement and visual appeal. A great way to make your braid look more natural is to give each loop a little tug to loosen it. This will make your braid wider and appear thicker. This tip is especially important for fishtail braids. You can customize the look of your fishtail braid just by how much you pull from each little loop.