2017 National Tour: Where are they now?

This week, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is traveling north to The Hamptons and NYC!  New York is one of our most requested location, so be sure to forward this to anyone in the area who might be interested in trying out our products – stylists, daughters, grandmothers, friends, everyone is welcome!! And don’t forget – if you RSVP to before the event, you and your party will have no admission fee!  The addresses are below.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us; we are more than happy to help you!  The rest of our tour schedule can be found pinned to the top of our Facebook page or on our Instagram.

Hair Party in The Hamptons: Fairfield Inn by Marriott on 2965 NY-112, Medford, NY on Wednesday June 28th from 4-8PM

Hair Party in NYC:  Salons by JC on 124 W 24th Street, Suite #15, New York, NY on Thursday and Friday June 28th and 29th from 4-8PM both nights

RSVP to for free admission! Tickets at the door will cost $5.
If you purchase your extension at the event, customization is free!
If you bring your previously purchased extension to be customized by Lauren Ashtyn, it will cost $150.
No color services will be offered due to time restrictions.
Each friend you bring is an entry into our drawing for 50% off an extension which will take place 1 hour before scheduled closing. You MUST be present to win.
We will give you $100 credit toward your purchase for every friend you bring who purchases an extension.


4 Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life

Medicine cabinets, vanity counters, decorative storage spaces and DIY shelves are the home for hundreds of beauty products in many households even though, half of the items are never put to use.  It is very easy to hoard products. New lines come out, brands go on sale, and certain items will trend more than others. These are all valid excuses to buy something new.

Even though there is always a time to splurge when possible, product overload can be a thing. Going through countless bottles and jars to find the one you are looking for can be agonizing. There are aisles and stores dedicated to selling shampoos and lotions and cleansers just to add to the collection.  While there are hundreds of products that may deserve a coveted space in your stash, there are some that you do not need to have.  Here are beauty products that no one should be without.


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is one of the most versatile products on the market. There are many items in your collection that can be replaced by coconut oil.   One way to benefit from coconut oil is for skincare. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer on all types of skin. It slows down the advancement of ailments such as wrinkles or sagging skin.  Coconut oil can also add moisture and sheen to hair. Add coconut oil to conditioners or use on dry, dull hair.  The uses for coconut oil are nearly endless. Makeup remover, shaving cream, body scrubs and more can all be crafted from coconut oil.


Hair Extensions


customized hair extensions


Hair extensions are something that everyone should own. Clip-in extensions are your best friend for quick and easy, but superb, styling. Extensions are a go-to for a quick style change, getting glam for an event or a go-to  remedy to the worst of bad hair-days. Luxury clip-in hair extensions can be customized for any hair cut and color and come in a variety of textures. Use hair extensions to give your hair an instant boost. Another major bonus of hair extensions is the shelf life. With proper care, luxury hair pieces can last years at a time.


Face Masks


Face masks are growing in popularity. While they might seem to be a fad, the right face mask can take your skincare to the next level.  Face masks can be purchased or created with ingredients found in many kitchens and pantries and are great at providing solutions that many cannot find in serums, creams and cleansers.  They can also be fun to make, fun to use and therapeutic.


Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo is one of the beauty industry’s most slept on product. Dry shampoo is the perfect thing to give your hair the necessary boost when there is not time to wash it since it absorbs oil from hair, limiting the amount of dirt and grease without the use of water.   Dry shampoo is great for busy mornings, midday workouts, or getting ready for last minute events.  There are powder, aerosol and mousse forms of dry shampoo.  Use dry shampoo to beat oily, flat hair in an instant.



The Lauren Ashtyn Collection 2017 Tour Dates

We’re going on a road trip and we might be visiting a city near you!

Across our social media platforms, we asked you to hashtag your city.  Whichever city had the most hashtags, Lauren Ashtyn would visit and host a Ladies’ Weekend!!  We had such an overwhelming response from cities all over the nation, that we decided to take to the roads for the next six months and, between trade shows and other events, bring The Lauren Ashtyn Collection to YOU!  Take a look at the schedule below and let us know if we will be seeing you! Don’t forget to invite friends, families, and your salons to come visit us.  The more the merrier!

We will release addresses for the events as they come closer, so keep an eye on our social media platforms!

Important notes to understand:
1. RSVP to for free admission! Tickets at the door will cost $5. This includes trade shows – we will be happy to pay for your ticket to come see us!  We will also keep your email on file and notify you once we have a set location for the event.

2. If you purchase your extension at the event, customization by Lauren Ashtyn is free!

3. If you bring a previously purchased extension to be customized by Lauren Ashtyn, it will cost $150.

4. No color services will be offered due to time restrictions. We are trying to meet as many people as we possibly can in a very short amount of time!  If by the end of the event, there are a lot more people waiting, we will stay past the allotted time to make sure everyone is happy.

5. Each friend you bring is an entry into our drawing for 50% off an extension.  The announcement for the winner will take place 1 hour before scheduled closing of the event. You MUST be present to win.

6. We will give you $100 credit toward your purchase for every friend you bring who purchases an extension.  If enough of your guests purchase, you may have enough credit for a FREE extension! 

7. If you have any questions regarding the events, please email 


Tour Schedule: 

Thursday, June 22 :: Charleston, SC :: 4-8 PM

Monday, June 26 :: Raleigh, NC :: 1-6 PM

Wednesday, June 28 :: Hamptons, NY :: 4-8 PM

Thursday, June 29 :: outside of NYC (location TBD) :: 4-8 PM

Friday, June 30  ::  outside of NYC (location TBD) :: 3-6 PM

Tuesday, July 11 :: Seattle, WA :: 4-8 PM

Wednesday, July 12 :: Seattle, WA :: 1-4 PM

Thursday, July 13 :: Seattle, WA :: 11-3 PM

Monday, July 17 :: Minneapolis, MN :: 4-8 PM

Thursday, July 20 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Friday, July 21 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Saturday, July 22 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Sunday, July 23 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Tuesday, July 25 :: Detroit, MI :: 4-8 PM

Thursday, July 27 :: Buffalo, NY :: 4-8 PM

Friday, July 28 :: Buffalo, NY :: 4-8 PM

TBD Saturday, August 5 :: Atlanta, GA :: TBD

Saturday, August 19 :: Houston, TX :: 2-6 PM

Sunday, August 20 :: Dallas, TX :: 5-8 PM

Monday, August 21 :: Dallas, TX :: 10-2 PM

Wednesday, August 23 :: Phoenix, AZ :: 4-8 PM

Friday, August 25 :: San Diego, CA :: 4-8 PM

Sunday, August 27 :: Los Angeles, CA :: 4-8 PM

Monday, August 28 :: Los Angeles, CA :: 11-3 PM

Tuesday, August 29 :: Sacramento, CA :: 4-8 PM

Sunday, September 3 :: Las Vegas, NV :: 4-8 PM

Monday, September 4 :: Las Vegas, NV :: 11-3 PM

Friday, September 29 :: Nashville, TN :: trade show

Saturday, September 30 :: Nashville, TN :: trade show

Sunday, October 1 :: Nashville, TN :: trade show

Friday, October 6 :: Memphis, TN :: trade show

Saturday, October 7 :: Memphis, TN :: trade show

Sunday, October 8 :: Memphis, TN :: trade show

Thursday, October 12 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Friday, October 13 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Saturday, October 14 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Sunday, October 15 :: Chicago, IL :: trade show

Friday, October 20 :: New Orleans, LA :: trade show

Saturday, October 21 :: New Orleans, LA :: trade show

Sunday, October 22 :: New Orleans, LA :: trade show

Monday, October 23 :: New Orleans, LA :: trade show

Friday, October 27 :: Memphis, TN :: trade show

Saturday, October 28 :: Memphis, TN :: trade show

Sunday, October 29 :: Memphis, TN :: trade show

TBD Thursday, November 9 :: Houston, TX :: trade show

TBD Friday, November 10 :: Houston, TX :: trade show

TBD Saturday, November 11 :: Houston, TX :: trade show

TBD Sunday, November 12 :: Houston, TX :: trade show

Thursday, November 16 :: Spartanburg, SC :: trade show

Friday, November 17 :: Spartanburg, SC :: trade show

Saturday, November 18 :: Spartanburg, SC :: trade show

Sunday, November 19 :: Spartanburg, SC :: trade show

Tuesday, November 28 :: Savannah, GA :: 4-8 PM

Thursday, November 30 :: Orlando, FL :: 4-8 PM

Friday, December 1 :: Miami, FL :: 5-8 PM

Monday, December 4 :: Tampa, FL :: 4-8 PM

Friday, December 8 :: Baton Rouge, LA :: trade show

Saturday, December 9 :: Baton Rouge, LA :: trade show

Sunday, December 10 :: Baton Rouge, LA :: trade show


5 Products For Easy Breezy Summer Style

Summer temperatures can get well above average in most areas. Between scorching heat, tiring humidity and busy days, it is sometimes hard to look your best all summer long.  Although it can be stressful, there are ways to achieve effortless style on even the hottest days. The following 7 items are essential for easy breezy summer style.


Maxi Dresses


Maxi dresses, a dress that hits the ankles or lower, are summer staple, perfect for keeping your legs from being constantly exposed to the dangerous summer sun. They are sold at every price point in every size and in a variety of shades and patterns.  There are maxi dresses that can be dressed up and frocks that can be dressed down. Maxi dresses are perfect for nailing summer style. They are not only cool to wear in hot temperatures; maxi dresses look great on anyone.  Stock up on maxi dresses for ultimate summer style.


Wedge Sandals


Wedge sandals are great to have for summer since they are simultaneously functional and stylish. They are the perfect day to night time shoe and are super comfortable. You can wear a wedge heel in most summer occasions. A wedge can add extra flair to a casual summer look or be the perfect addition for after-5 affairs. Scout out a wedge in a neutral color with the ability to be worn with most of your summer favorites.


Crown Extensions


crown extensions


Crown extensions are the hairstyle additive you never knew you needed. Crafted from human hair, crown extensions can be washed, styled with heat and worn in any look. The extensions come in a variety of textures and colors and can even be customized for your perfect match. Crown extensions are great for the summer because they allow your natural hair to take a break from daily manipulation. They are also easy to wear and a great investment to anyone who purchases them. Crown extensions are the perfect way to combat summer hair woes.




The perfect frames can take a bad summer day to a cool summer attitude. Use summer shades to block the haters and the sun.  Sunglasses have a fashionable effect. Whatever you choose to wear, sunglasses will instantly add chic notes and stylish vibes. Sunglasses are great for protecting the eyes and face from harmful rays, while still looking amazing. Shades are the accessory that should be on everyone’s must have list.  For an instant stylish demeanor, whip out your sunglasses and bask in all of the shady glory.


Statement Necklaces


A statement necklace is the perfect jewelry item for all summer occasions. Statement necklaces have the ability to be worn both casually and formally and are great for adding a pop of color, element of texture or being the focal point of any outfit. Statement necklaces are great because when worn, they are usually the only necessary jewelry, which eliminates hassle of finding matching earrings or headbands when getting dressed up on a summer day.  Statement necklaces come in many lengths ranging from chokers to bibs to super long pendants. Grab some statement necklaces and keep them on-hand all summer long.


Surprise Flash Sale!


This week, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is having a surprise flash sale!  If you have been considering purchasing an extension for a while, now is the time to do it.

When you purchase a Volume or Crown Extension online, you will also receive a free Lauren Ashtyn Mannequin Head and Stand (perfect for storage and styling).  All shipping, including international shipping, is free, too.  Altogether, that comes out to a total of $205 that you will be saving from this deal!

To benefit from this deal, be sure to enter the code shipheadstand upon checkout! This offer is only valid for purchases made on our website and will end this Wednesday, June 14th at 11:59 PM EST, so act fast!

And as always, don’t forget we offer free online consultations on our website or via email to  If you send us photos of your hair from the front, side, and back in the direct, natural sunlight, we can tell you which color and extension would be perfect for you!