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At The Lauren Ashtyn Salon, you will get the experience of a full service salon and have the opportunity to see The Lauren Ashtyn Collection of luxury hair extensions. Our expert team of stylists will assure you get the highest quality of service. We carry our own line of luxury hair care products as well as Moroccanoil products to carry your experience with us to your own home.

You can schedule an appointment with one of our stylists to try on our hair extensions and discuss the look you are wanting to achieve for your wedding or special event! Our team of stylists will show you in person our 31 color options both volume toppers and luxury length extensions. You then will get to choose which color suits you. She will be able to custom cut it to blend with your hair cut and color it if it is needed.

Our stylists are excited to help you get ready for your wedding or special event. We offer wedding packages for the bride and wedding party for hair and makeup. Please contact us and our team will be happy to schedule a consultation with you!






  • Best local stylists – We want you to look and feel your best
  • Friendly and Fun – Relax and Unwind while enjoying your session
  • Top Rated Company
  • Best Salon
  • Affordable – Yet High Quality
  • Trendy – We know what looks are up and coming
  • Services – We are full service, offering Cuts, Coloring, Extensions, Styling, Hair Care Products, Waxing, and Smoothing
  • Reviews – Hundreds of 5 star reviews from happy customers

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection salon is the most trusted haircare provider in the Spartanburg area. At our salon, we provide a wide variety of haircare services to Spartanburg residents. Each service is provided by either a junior stylist, a designer stylist, or a master stylist, with the price increasing with each level. All of our services are affordable, and delivered in a friendly and attentive manner. You will truly get the luxury treatment at our Spartanburg, SC salon.




  • Women’s cut – One of our most popular services at our Spartanburg salon. We can give you the best haircut you have ever had.
  • Men’s cut – Our stylists are well-versed in men’s haircuts as well. We have many regular male clients here in Spartanburg.
  • Blowout – For women who want a fabulous look, one of our most popular services
  • Special occasion/updo – For when you need to look and feel your very best. Come to us for special occasion styling.

All stylists at the salon are experienced haircare technicians who can provide a variety of top-quality cut and style services. Unlike many salons in the area, we provide styling services to women and men (our stylists are experts at both women’s haircare and men’s haircare). The friendly stylists at the Spartanburg salon also provide blowouts and special occasion styles/updos. If you need to look great for that wedding, or formal dance, we should be your first stop.

To make things easier, we have provided a bulleted list of all the cut and style services that we provide at our Spartanburg salon. Is there a styling service that you are interested in, that you don’t see on the list? Give us a call and we will be happy to consult with you regarding our cut and style services. We are Spartanburg’s go-to salon for haircut and style services.




  • Single process regrowth app – Ask about this popular service.
  • Single process all over color – Come to us for your “all over color” needs.
  • Partial foil – For when you want to highlight certain sections of your hair.
  • Full foil – For when you want to go all out with hair highlights.
  • Toner/gloss – We will keep your hair looking shiny and fabulous.
  • Partial ombre – Women in Spartanburg keep returning to us for our partial ombre services.
  • Full ombre – One of our specialties here at our Spartanburg salon.
  • Balayage – We will give your hair a beautiful, natural look. We are Spartanburg’s top salon for balayage services.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection stylists have years of experience providing coloring services, and deliver results that are sure to please. We can also provide any color that you are looking for (Seriously, try us!). All of this is done in a relaxing, soothing environment. We take all of the stress out of hair coloring, from the appointment process to the coloring itself.

We realize that it is difficult to find the right hair coloring service. The results have to be just perfect. This is why so many women tend to shop around when it comes to hair coloring services. Women in Spartanburg who come to our salon do not shop around for hair coloring services. They are amazed by the variety of colors and coloring services that we offer here at our Spartanburg salon. They are also amazed at the quality of hair coloring services that we provide. Our coloring technicians are truly the best around.




  • Top Quality Hair Extensions – 100% Remy human hair
  • Luxury- Completely hand made
  • Full Volume Extensions – 12”-18” of maximum fullness
  • Light Volume Root Coverage Extensions – 12”-16” of added volume and gray coverage
  • Length Extensions – 10”-12” or 16”-18” of added length and thickness
  • Clip-in Toppers – Easy to add Volume and Coverage, clips in with a snap
  • Best Hairpieces – Non-damaging and blends with your own hair

Of course, we are known for selling amazing, luxury hair extensions. All of our hair extensions are fully customizable with regard to color, cut, and style (this is one of the things that set us apart from so many other hair extension companies).  Our easy to apply and remove clip-in hair extensions allow you to look your best in seconds.  They are all completely handmade, and we use only 100% Remy human hair.




  • Consultations – Free for the first 15 minutes, only $1 for every minute thereafter. We offer expert advice, since we know hair extensions better than anyone in the business.
  • Hair Extension cut and style – We can cut and style your hair extensions any way you would like. Come see us in order to change up the style of your luxury hair extensions
  • Balayage extension – We offer balayage services for hair extensions as well.
  • Lowlights extension – To give your luxury hair extensions a sleek, colorful look.
  • All over color extension – For women looking to totally transform their hair extensions. Our extensions can be colored in whatever way you would like.

With that in mind, our stylists are happy to provide many styling services for hair extensions. Hair extension services include consultations, which are free for the first 15 minutes, and only $1 per minute after that. Our luxury hair extension services also include hair extension cuts, all over coloring for hair extensions, lowlights for hair extensions, and balayage. When you buy your hair extensions from us, you will look amazing. When you have those same hair extensions styled by our expert stylists, you will look absolutely incredible.

These are unique services that we provide. It is difficult to find hair extension services at other salons here in the Spartanburg area. This is because hair extension services require a different set of knowledge and skills than standard haircare services. Very few stylists are trained on how to provide hair extension services. Here at our Spartanburg, SC salon, we have the training and knowhow. That is because we are the hair extension experts. So many women come to us for our luxurious, handmade hair extensions. They also come to us for our top-quality hair extension services.

Why would you choose to have hair extension services done here in Spartanburg? Hair extension services allow you to customize your hair extensions to your liking. This is especially important, since our hair extensions can last up to three years. During those three years, you might get the urge to mix things up—to play around with different colors and styles. If you do, our expert hair extension stylists will be able to help you out. The first step is to come in for a hair extension consultation. Again, these consultations are free for the first 15 minutes, and only $1 per minute after that. You simply can’t beat this price for a hair extension consultation.




  • Chin – For those unwanted chin hairs.
  • Full face – Our most complete waxing service.
  • Brow – For women looking to touch up their brows. This is one of our most popular waxing services.
  • Lip – To keep your lips looking perfect.
  • Brow and Lip – Come in for a combination of our brow and lip waxing services.

Did you know that we provide waxing services as well? In fact, we are one of the most popular salons providing waxing services here in Spartanburg. This is because our waxing service technicians are trusted experts. This is delicate work that requires a careful hand. Our technicians provide top quality results on a consistent basis. This is why so many clients here in Spartanburg keep coming to us for our waxing services.

The pricing for our waxing services varies according to the extent of services. You could come in for one of our waxing services, or get a combination of all our waxing services (full face). Either way, you will definitely leave looking your absolute best. And if you are like our other clients here in Spartanburg, you will come back as well!



In addition to waxing services, we also offer smoothing services here in Spartanburg. These services are for the woman who wants to look as smooth and glamorous as possible. Our smoothing services include:


  • 6 week – Our basic smoothing service.
  • 6 month – Our more long term smoothing service.

Before undergoing our smoothing treatment, we recommend coming in for a smoothing consultation. Our smoothing technicians are the best in the business—certainly the best here in the Spartanburg area. We can provide you with the smoothing treatment that you have always been looking for. If you are curious to learn more, give us a call and ask us about our expert smoothing services.






  • Hair Cut and Style
  • Hair Coloring Services
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Extension Technicians
  • Hair Care Products
  • Waxing
  • Smoothing

Our stylists have received extensive training at every level for every service we offer. They are also knowledgeable and versatile enough to meet the demands of our clientele here in Spartanburg.  From highlights and updos to our award-winning hair extensions, we’ll help you create the look and style you want.




  • Shampoos – We sell nourishing, fortifying shampoos for all types of hair, as well as hair extensions.
  • Conditioners –To keep your hair or hair extensions smooth and shiny. We sell the best conditioners on the market.
  • Hair Sprays – We sell hairsprays that will hold throughout the day.
  • Styling Creams – Use our natural styling creams for an amazing, no-fuss look.

We offer the highest quality products at our Spartanburg salon. In fact, everything that we offer is of the highest quality. Just as we don’t settle for less than the best hair extensions (handmade, 100% Remy human hair), we also refuse to settle for inferior haircare products. You shouldn’t settle either. Our styling products can even be used on your hair extensions. Our products are perfect for women who want to nourish and style their hair, or hair extensions. All of our haircare products are affordably priced as well.

Using our styling products on a daily basis will help keep your hair looking luxurious in between visits to our salon. Using our products on our hair extensions can even help them last longer. If you are curious about how to use our haircare products on your extensions, we have several helpful video tutorials here on our website. For a more in-depth, face-to-face consultation, come and see the stylists here at our Spartanburg salon. We can offer many tips on how to get the most out of your luxury hair extensions.




  • Best Hair Toppers – Superb Coverage
  • Clip-in Extensions – Easily snaps in for Instant Volume and Fullness
  • Top Quality Hair Extensions – 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Handmade – Hair Extensions that Last for Years

Hair loss is a real and stressing problem for many of us.  With The Lauren Ashtyn Collection hair extensions, you can easily and quickly cover your problem areas with the best quality extensions available.  They clip in, and can be cut, colored, and styled to create the look you want, or blend seamlessly with your own hair.   Give us a call, set up a consultation, and have a full head of hair again.



There are many hair salons here in the Spartanburg area. But only one can legitimately claim to have the best stylists in the business. At our salon, you will find the best and most trusted hair stylists in Spartanburg.



For those wondering what sets our salon apart from other salons here in Spartanburg: we would like to think that our work speaks for itself. Put simply, we offer the highest quality haircare services here in the Spartanburg area. And we offer all of our services with a friendly, attentive attitude. This is one of the reasons why women here in Spartanburg speak so highly of us—and why they keep coming back to us for their haircare services. That combination of superior, friendly, and affordable services is what we call “The Lauren Ashtyn difference.” Come in and see that difference for yourself.



If you are wondering where to begin with our haircare services, we recommend coming in for a consultation. This is when we get to know you and your haircare goals/needs. While most salons charge an arm and a leg for such consultations, we give you the first fifteen minutes free. After that, you will only have to pay the low price of $1 per minute. So if you are looking for the best haircare service here in Spartanburg, we encourage you to take that first step and make an appointment for a hair consultation. Trust us, you will be glad you did.