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Giselle Light Volume


The 12-16” root coverage piece is designed to provide volume in the crown and add some additional thickness throughout the length. Worn primarily by women with longer hairstyles, the 12-16” root coverage piece is also used to add volume in the crown and thickness to mid-length styles reaching the shoulders and above, as this piece can be customized with respect to length.

With a total length of 16” and 12” layers, the highly breathable micromesh base of the 12-16” root coverage is approximately 3”x 5”.  This piece will provide ample volume in the crown or easily cover any thinning on the top of the head as well as in the crown and the back of the head.

Once customized by your stylist, the 12-16” root coverage piece will be indistinguishable from your own hair! It can be pulled into a ponytail, swept back with clips or worn as part of an elaborate wedding coiffure. All of our 12-16” root coverage pieces can be paired with one of our crown extension pieces to add additional length and thickness.

5-6’’ Mini Root Coverage Volume Extension is great for women with a pixie cut that just want to add a little extra volume or cover those unwanted grays.
It has a 2.5’’ by 3’’ base which clips in right around your roots. Designed for adding natural volume for women with normal to thick hair.

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12-16", 5-6"

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