Sep 07, 2017

Winter is the time of year known for giving the infamous hat head. Many women feel unsure about wearing a hat, since they do not want to crush their hairstyle or develop frizz, but they also do not want to feel the effects of the cold, which can include frostbite. You can still look stylish and stay warm no matter what the weather though, when you try these suggestions that are designed to help you feel beautiful, while keep hat head at bay, no matter how cold it is outside.

Try Luxury Hair Extensions To Keep The Volume

Many women do not want to put a hat on their head for fear that it will go flat, and they will lose all the volume in their hair. This can be avoided when they use clip-in hair extensions. The extensions already give the look and feel of extra volume, making hair seem full no matter what. Using luxury hair extensions can help your hair feel more natural, and since they clip in, this means they are virtually undetectable no matter where you put them in. Many women find that they achieve beautiful looks and still maintain their volume and style, even with a hat on during cold winter days. 5-6 Full Topper

Use Alternative Hat Methods

Instead of wearing a hat, try combinations that are designed not to flatten the hair as much. You can wear earmuffs or a knitted type of earmuff, which will cover your ears, but not be worn over your entire head. You can also combine this with a jacket that has a hood, for added protection. Using a hood can keep frizzy hair away and your ears warm at the same time, especially if it is raining out. Rather than wearing a hat, you can feel comfortable in a variety of other methods that will allow your hairstyle to still look beautiful.

Try A Different Hairstyle

If you normally wear your hair down, trying putting it in a bun, or wearing it in an up do. Search around for other types of hairstyles that are new and different, that you feel will complement you, and still look good under a hat. Some hairstyles are more casual than others, so perhaps aim for a look that does not require a lot of extra work and isn’t susceptible to frizz or other problems that occur when wearing a hat.
Look For A Lined Hat
Instead of a fuzzy wool hat, trying wearing a lined hat. Ideally, if you can find a hat that is lined with silk, this will prevent your hair from having problems with frizz and other common issues, which wool or cotton might bring out or even worsen. You can look for something that covers your entire head, but is not made with a substance that will further bother and irritate it, making things more damaging for your hair, and negating the overall look of the hairstyle that you were going with.