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If you’re looking for female hair advice to help you decide which one of our products is right for you, get a free consultation from a hair expert today.

They’ll be able to give you advice on what piece is the best choice for you, how you should wear it, and what kind of care you’ll need to do after to keep it looking as healthy as possible.

All you need to do is send some photos of your hair, and we’ll be able to give you wig tips, hair pro tips, and more!

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Get expert wig advice today!

To give you recommendations for hair extensions, expert hair wigs, or one of our other products, all our experts need is a few photos. To get your free consultation, take the following photos:

1- front

2- back

3- side

4- top

Once you send in the photos, our hair expert will be able to send you product recommendations as well as the cost.

How to contact your hair expert

Text 864-527-2403


WhatsApp (408) 864-590-8924

Once you choose one of our human hair wigs or hair extensions and it arrives at your home, take it to your local stylist. They’ll be able to cut and blend your new hair piece in with your own hair.

Since our pieces are all made with 100% human hair, they can be treated, colored, or toned as needed so that they match your natural hair as closely as possible.

They’re all completely customizable in regards to cut, color, and style, and your stylist will be able to give you hair pro tips to help you feel confident and beautiful with your new hair style. The end result will look just like your natural hair!

Hair Pro Tips to Help Care for Your Extensions

When it’s time to style your hair, your Lauren Ashtyn hair extensions and human hair wigs can be styled and cared for just like your regular hair. If you have questions or need hair advice, your stylist can give you wig care tips to help make sure you keep all your hair looking as healthy as possible.

You can wash your wigs and extensions with regular shampoo as long as it’s sulfate and paraben free, which is gentle on both your extensions and your natural hair. You also want to make sure you’re using moisturizing masks and other hair care products to help keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Our Mission

Our beautifully designed, luxury hairpieces were created by founder and stylist Lauren Ashtyn Guest for the sole purpose of giving women "The hair they've always dreamed of… INSTANTLY!"

Our Promise

At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we are pleased to promise our clients above and beyond customer service and the highest quality hair in the industry.


We offer maintenance for your piece after your initial purchase! We will shampoo, style, and send it back looking just like it did when you took it out of the box.

Our Impact

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is the visible expression of Lauren Ashtyn’s lifetime passion for beautiful hair. The daughter of a stylist, she has spent her entire life immersed in the culture of the modern salon. Her goal has always been to make her clients look, and feel, like the very best versions of themselves.