Are you losing your hair due to a medical condition? Your medical insurance might be able to reimburse you for part of the cost of a cranial prosthesis

At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we have always had a desire to help women who suffer from hair loss and need help to feel like themselves again. Unfortunately, the luxury and high quality of our product is not affordable to everyone, especially those who are also facing so many medical bills.

We have dreamed of the day when we could offer a solution in the form of medical insurance coverage to those who need it. We are finally making that dream a reality!

While we cannot promise your insurance carrier will cover the full amount--or any amount--we can help guide you through the process of attempting to be reimbursed.

Meet our Medical Prosthesis Director

Hair loss insurance representative smiling

Paula Guest, RN

Paula has 30 years of experience in the medical field in the OR, the Cardiac Unit, as a business owner for a senior living facility and more. As a result, she has worked with many medical insurance companies and knows the system.

She has a passion for helping women during a very vulnerable time in their life. She is here for you, so if you have any questions, please reach out to her, and she will graciously guide you through this process.

Interested in getting started?

Contact Paula to ask any questions and learn about the process.

Have a consultation with our Customer Service Consultants to find out exactly what you need. Email to start your online consultation.

Purchase your cranial prosthesis on our website.
Make sure you save all receipts.

Email Paula your order number so she can get your customized receipt to submit to your insurance carrier.