As a specialized hair extension salon, our team of experts at The Lauren Ashtyn Salon and Extension Bar can help you find the perfect human hair piece or wig to unlock the luscious locks you deserve.

Some of the services at The Lauren Ashtyn Hair Salon & Extension Bar include:

  • Topper or Luxury Length Extension Consultation
  • Wig Consultation
  • Topper or Luxury Length Extension Customization
  • Wig Customization

We make it easy for you to achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of. The Lauren Ashtyn Salon's entire staff has years of experience, is passionate about helping women with hair loss, and strives to turn your dreams into reality!


To serve our customers with the highest quality service and experience.


To positively impact the life of every person we meet.


Get one step closer to your hair goals! To get started, we recommend coming in for a consultation at The Lauren Ashtyn Salon. Our consultations offer a one-on-one experience with a Lauren Ashtyn-trained Extension Specialist where you get to try on all topper colors and styles that suit your specific hair wants and needs.

Two ways you can book your appointment:

1) You can request your appointment with one of our licensed expert stylists by clicking the button below. You can select "Topper or Luxury Length Extension Consultation" or "Wig Consultation" depending on the service you are looking for and then choose your day and time. It will ask you to put a card on file, however the $150 is not charged at that time. The card on file is only charged if you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment. After you submit your appointment request, our Salon Manager, Katelan, will give you a call to confirm everything, give you instructions, and answer any questions.

2) You can also call the salon at 1-864-641-0751 ext. 1 to make your appointment over the phone. Our Salon Manager would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have!

What happens after you try everything on? You have two options:

1) If you fall in love with a certain piece, you get to leave with it the same day. We waive the $150 consultation fee, and we include complimentary customization. Your Extension Specialist will blow out a new piece, cut it, and style it specifically for you.

2) If after the first hour you are still uncertain, no worries! You are only responsible for the $150 consultation fee at that point.

At The Lauren Ashtyn Salon, we offer the luxurious experience of a full service salon while also allowing our customers to reap all the benefits of The Lauren Ashtyn Collection human hair extensions, wigs, and products. 

Our expert team of stylists will ensure you receive only the highest quality service. We carry our own line of luxury hair care products, as well as Moroccanoil products, so you can bring the salon experience back home with you.

Don't know where to get started with choosing a hair piece or a color?!? That's what we're here for! Women from all over the world fly in to pick out their perfect Lauren Ashtyn hair piece in person!


If you want to find a salon that specializes in hair extensions, look no further than The Lauren Ashtyn Hair Salon & Extension Bar. Conveniently located in Spartanburg, SC, our team loves to serve our local community and tourists alike.

Or, use our easy salon locator to find partner stylists near you. We have specialists trained in The Lauren Ashtyn Collection hair pieces spread across the United States and internationally.


To better serve our wonderful clients' hair, our stylists at The Lauren Ashtyn Salon are always learning and perfecting the most recent hair techniques and trends. They are constantly studying, practicing, and polishing their skills to guarantee top-notch quality and service.

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We know how difficult it can be to find high-quality hair extensions near you. The truth is there are a lot of lackluster extensions on the market that don’t do a great job mimicking natural hair.

The solution? Using 100% Remy Human Hair that is completely handmade from European human hair. With 100% Remy hair extensions, the cuticles are left completely intact (as opposed to being stripped) and are also aligned in the same direction.

Using 100% human hair collected to this standard and attached to a uniquely engineered mesh base creates a durable, natural-looking extension.

The benefits of Remy human hair extensions:

  • They provide the most natural look. While some human hair extensions can look dry and lifeless, Remy human hair extensions provide a beautiful, shiny, and natural appearance.
  • They last for years. Remy hair extensions are far more long-lasting and robust than synthetic hairpieces or other kinds of human hair systems because of their distinctive design.
  • They can be colored and styled the same as your natural hair: Remy human hair extensions can be dyed to match your natural color. They can be straightened, curled, and blow-dried with heat-styling equipment, and they hold their shape for a longer period of time.
  • They are tangle free: Remy's hair maintains its silky soft quality and is resistant to matting and tangling due to its intact and aligned cuticles.


At The Lauren Ashtyn Hair Salon & Extension Bar, our extensions are handcrafted to last, while remaining comfortable and seamlessly blending with your natural color and cut.

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