Use Our Hair Color Chart To Find Your Perfect Shade

Browse our wide selection of available hair color swatches to choose the perfect color for your Lauren Ashtyn hair topper or luxury length extension. Click on a color swatch to see all of the available products in that color.

Lauren Ashtyn toppers are made from 100% European Remy human hair – and available in 30 beautiful colors.

Explore our array of hair color samples below to get a feel for the variety and depth of each option. Organized from dark to light, our natural hair color swatches include everything from rick dark brown to pale ash blonde.

Choose between hair color levels that emulate single-process hair color or multi-dimensional looks. Our balayage colors feature the natural, blended look that comes from the hand-painted color placement of the root. No matter what style you love best, you’re sure to find it in our hair color chart.

After you’ve found the right hair color swatch, shop our pieces today and pick out your favorite style!


Named after the darkest most mysterious part of each night, our Midnight is black with no bluish tint or highlight. Neutral tone.


Our color Priscilla is as beautiful as her namesake, Priscilla Presley. She has a Midnight base, but with a few dark brown highlights. Elvis would swoon.


This is Audrey Hepburn with a modern twist. 2-3 inch dark brown root and dark brown base with lighter brown highlights.


If you love "Breakfast at Tiffany's" then you must be an Audrey. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, this is our most popular dark color. Audrey has a base one shade lighter than Midnight with lighter brown highlights.


Adrianna is a strong Italian goddess. Her warm brown hue exudes confidence. Whoever said brown is boring never met Adrianna. She is a rich, rosewood all over dark brown.


Ella Balayage is as lovely as Ella but with a modern twist. She has the same neutral medium to light brown with light brown highlights and a darker 2-3 inch root.


Ella is bubbly and outgoing. She makes everyone around her smile. Ella's medium to light brown neutral base and 1 inch root with neutral light brown highlights will pull you in with warmth and personality.


Add a stylish hand-painted root to Mila and you have Mila Balayage. She has the same sepia (warm brown) base and 2-3 inch root with caramel highlights.


High-spirited Mila is always up for a new adventure. She is a medium to dark sepia (warm brown) base and 1 inch dark brown shadow root with caramel highlights.


Sophia is not your typical brown. She is sexy with a fiery personality. Warm golden brown with subtle dimensional highlights.


This color is as beautiful as her name. Bella is a golden light brown. She is gorgeous on her own and a perfect base to add dimensional low-lights.


Nicole wants to be noticed. She is a wild child who doesn't conform to the norm. Warm, spicy medium red with golden blonde highlights.


Amber Balayage is as dimensional as the original but with a dark brown modern balayage root that is 2-3 inches.


Amber is a multifaceted jewel of warm colors. Her personality will change in each glimmer of light. She has a dark brown shadow root (1 inch) with golden blonde highlights and warm medium brown lowlights.


This on-trend Victoria hosts the same beautiful dimension and has a 2-3 inch hand-painted, dark brown root.


Victoria looks sophisticated, while caring and sweet on the inside. She is a warm medium brown with bold, golden highlights.


Katniss is the rebel. Bold and brave, Katniss isn't afraid to speak her mind. Warm medium brown with golden chunky highlights.


Our classic Giselle with a playful, contemporary 2-3 inch medium brown root.


Our most popular color. Giselle is the girl next door with a mischievous side. Neutral gold shade with light to medium brown root and chunky lowlights.


The same blonde and lowlights as traditional Elsie with a contemporary 2-3 inch light brown root.


Beautiful and elegant, Elsie has the cool (ashy) blonde with the dimension of light brown lowlights.


Darci isn't your typical blonde. She is sweet and feminine but wants to get noticed. Golden (warm) blonde with dark blonde root and dimensional lowlights.


Soulful and sensitive, Adele is a light strawberry blonde with some dimensional dark blonde lowlights.


Take Summer to the next level with a balayage root. She is a neutral light blonde with dark blonde 2-3 inch root. Just as sunny as Summer, but with an edge.


Summer spends all her time at the beach, surfing and getting sun-kissed blonde locks. She is a neutral light blonde with a dark blonde shadow root (1 inch). No lowlights in these one dimensional strands.


This blonde bombshell is as sexy and relevant today as the original 1960's goddess. Warm/golden blonde with no root.


Ice, ice baby! Blanch may sound like a timid Southern Belle, but she is a sophisticated ice princess. One dimensional lightest cool blonde.


Faith is strong and stable, never wavering in her convictions. Faith's dark pepper color sprinkled with salt is beautiful on any age.


Grace has a hint of ash gray (baby lights) running through her light base. She's proof gray is here to stay!


Hope is a risk-taker with her solid gray base with violet undertones. This is not your grandma's gray hair! Hope is setting the trends with an original tone to her popular color.

Want to get Lauren Ashtyn's Signature Color? Now you can!

We have now made it possible to purchase a piece that is hand painted to match Lauren Ashtyn’s Signature Color! Available in light and full volume, this gorgeous balayaged, dimensional color is a show stopper for sure!

How to Choose the Right Color

The most important tip for choosing between different color hair swatches is understanding warmness and coolness. If you think about the color wheel, any complexion or hair color that leans toward blue, purple, and magenta is considered cool. Meanwhile, features that lean toward yellow, orange, and olive are considered warm.

For the most realistic, flattering look, coordinate your hair color with your complexion’s undertones, whether you have a deep or pale skin tone. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep your hair close to your natural brown or play around with something new like a red hair color. As long as you choose a hair chart color that harmonizes with your natural undertones, you’ll look and feel stunning!

  • If your skin features cool undertones: You’ll shine in cooler-colored hair. This could be an icy platinum, ash blonde, muted natural brown, or even an inky black.
  • If your skin features warm undertones: You’ll be radiant in warmer-colored hair. This could be a buttery blonde, golden brown, or red tone – or even a deep chocolate brown hair color.

Custom Colors

Even with 30 colors in our collection, sometimes we don’t have the perfect match to every hair color. However, the great thing about our toppers is they can be colored or toned just like your own hair! We do not recommend lightening (bleaching) the pieces as it can damage the integrity of the hair. However, going darker or toning is absolutely possible. Because of this, we recommend starting out with a lighter color and then coloring or toning it to achieve your perfect match. Your stylist can color your piece just like he/she colors your hair!

Take a look at the video below to watch how we took this completely white topper and turned it into a dimensional, buttery blonde!

We created a playlist on YouTube specifically for hair stylists who will be working on our pieces! Feel free to share it with your stylist!

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