You might be wondering what sets our hair extensions apart from so many other extensions on the market. There are numerous ways in which we are different from other hair extension companies. The short answer: everything. Our commitment to quality and customer care goes into everything that we do as a company. That commitment to quality and customer care is evident in the following:

  • Our process
  • Our customization
  • Our convenience
  • Our affordability
  • Our service

These, and other factors, make us one of the best, and most trusted hair extension companies in the business. If you want convenient, luxurious hair extensions at an affordable price, we are the company for you. Read below to find out more about why we are the right hair extension company for you.


Why are our hair extensions of such high quality? For one, because we start with the highest quality material available: 100% Remy European human hair. Each strand of this luxurious hair is triple-knotted (by hand) and attached to a uniquely engineered micromesh base. Making our hair extensions by hand is not an easy process—it can take anywhere from 45-60 days to make just one. But here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts or sacrificing quality for the sake of speed. This is one thing that truly sets us apart.


Another reason that women choose to buy hair extensions from us is that our extensions are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. This gives women the flexibility they want when choosing a hairstyle. Sadly, most hair extension companies do not offer such flexibility.


Our convenience also sets us apart from many of the other hair extension companies out there. If you have ever worn sew in extensions, you know how much of a time-consuming pain it can be to apply and remove them. Our clip in extensions, on the other hand, can be applied and removed in a matter of seconds. Women love the fact that they have so much more time to get ready in the morning.


Even though they are of the highest quality, our hair extensions are also very affordable. This is something else that sets us apart from other hair extension companies. We are also willing to work with our customers on payments. Hair extensions, wigs, and other products can be purchased through ShopPay Payments or a third party service, Affirm, which allows you to make interest free payments over time. We believe in providing quality hair extensions to women who need them, no matter what their budget is.


We are also set apart from other hair extension companies because of our exceptional service. You might have purchased from other companies who gave you a quality product, but not the top-notch service that you deserve. At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we provide both. We offer free consultations for women who are interested in our products. We also ship our products in a timely manner, and we ship worldwide. We are so committed to our customers that we even travel all over the US doing Pop Up Salons so that we can meet our customers face to face. To us, our customers are like friends and family.