Sep 14, 2022

Blonde clip in hair extensions

Want to change up your hairstyle or add more length, volume, and fullness to your hair? Anyone can achieve a gorgeous head of hair instantly with the best real hair extensions.

But with so many hair extensions to choose from, it’s tough to sort through the crowd and pick the best ones for your desired look.

In this post, we'll discuss what real hair extensions look the most natural and offer our professional advice on how to pick the best hair extensions for you.

1. Real Hair Extensions Clip-in

Clip-in hair extensions are the best real hair extensions because they are easy to use and provide optimal volume and length.

They are ideal for a quick and easy transformation and are attached by simply clipping the piece into the hair right below the root. Real clip-in hair extensions are extremely versatile, so you can add and remove them whenever you please.

2. Tape-in Extensions

If you’re searching for the best real hair extensions, tape-in extensions are another great choice. They are light, provide extra volume and last longer than clip-in hair extensions.

To create a seamless appearance, the hair is secured to portions of sturdy double-sided tape by placing and pressing the tape in between rows of natural hair. Tape-in hair extensions make hair look fuller and thicker without putting extra strain on natural hair.

3. Real Ponytail Extensions

Ponytail hair extensions
are designed to give your ponytail more thickness and length. They give the appearance of a luscious, voluminous ponytail that is bouncy and silky. A typical ponytail hair extension can be easily attached using a discreet clip and will stay in place all day long.

For the best real hair ponytail extensions that offer a soft, natural, and realistic look, go for ponytail extensions made out of human hair.

4. Real Halo Extensions

Perfect for women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, halo extensions are one of the best real hair extensions.

With a base that seamlessly clips around the entire crown, halo extensions offer full coverage, maximum volume, fullness, and length. Halo extensions are considered to be the easiest to use, conceal, and style into natural hair, working well in both high ponytails and falling curls.

What to Look for in the Best Real Hair Extensions

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

If you want extensions that are more heat resistant, long-lasting, and high quality, choose human hair extensions over synthetic hair extensions. Human hair looks and feels real, whereas synthetic hair looks stiff and fake.

The best real hair clip-in extensions will be made out of Remy hair, which is human hair that has its cuticles intact and has never been colored or processed.

Hair Color and Texture

The best clip-in hair extensions with real hair should match your natural hair color and texture, whether it's straight, curly, or wavy. If the color and texture don’t match well, your hair extensions may be obvious. Try to find an exact match for a seamless, flawless look.

At the Lauren Ashtyn’s Collection, all of our beautifully designed hairpieces are made out of 100% European Remy human hair. Shop our collection of hair extensions to achieve beautiful hair today!