Mar 07, 2020

Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are becoming a more popular method in 2020 because of cost, simplicity, and many other reasons! Although one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve a fuller, longer look, clip-in hair extensions can last even longer than market recommendations with proper care.

Brush Regularly

Just like the hair on your head, your delicate clip-in hair extensions should be cared for every day it is in use. That includes regular combings to detangle it. The longer tangles remain in the hair, the more difficult they will be to get out. Before you know it, you can have an impossible knot and have to replace the extension. We are trying to extend the lifespan of your investment, not flush it down the toilet!

Also, remember to do this gently. It’s tempting to rake a comb through it to quickly get the knots out but be careful to avoid pulling out the hair, thus lessening the life of your clip-in hair extension.

It’s Okay To Wash It…

…But not too much! It is important to gently wash your clip-in hair extensions because of the daily exposure to damage. Again, we want to treat this hair like the hair on your head to extend its lifespan. Avoid scrubbing it and use cold water.

Avoid Heat

Just like with water, avoid heat in any way possible. Blow-drying could be necessary for the hair on your head but prevent damage to your clip-in hair extensions by allowing them to air dry after washing.

For those wondering how on earth to style your hair extension, the answer is simple: not with heat! It is well-known by now that excessive heat is only damaging to the hair on your scalp. The same goes for your investment in a high-quality clip-in hair extension. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection extensions come in different styles and are intended to be interchangeable depending on your mood. You can go with waves one day and straight the next.


Condition and moisturize just as often as you do your natural hair, if not more! Using high-quality hair care products will ensure a longer life for your clip-in hair extensions.

Carefully Store

It’s easy to remove your clip-in hair extensions after a nice night out and leave them on the bathroom counter. First off, good for you for taking them out rather than sleeping on them! The counter is a much safer place than on your head while you roll around on a pillow.

There are products created specifically for the safe storage of your delicate clip-in hair extensions. Even if you don’t purchase a special holder or hanger, make sure to put your extensions in a large-enough space. Avoid piling it on top of itself.

Look Great, Feel Confident

The last rule of having clip-in hair extensions is to have fun with it! Not a lot of people enjoy the freedom of changing their hairstyle every day. Protect your investment by choosing a high-quality extension and treating it with tender love and care.