Sep 20, 2018

Hair extensions are all the rage right now; women of all hair types cannot get enough of them. If you would like to know more about hair extensions, read further. This article will serve as a helpful guide to hair extensions, so that you can rock your hair extensions with style. This article will help you understand what types of hair extensions are out there, what you should look for in hair extensions, and how best to apply your hair extensions (spoiler alert: it’s very easy). When you rock your hair extensions, everyone will be amazed at the new you.

What To Look For In Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, you definitely want to go with human hair. After all, who wants animal hair mixed in with their beautiful head of hair? For the best human hair toppers, look for hair extensions that are “100% Remy.” This is the highest grade that can be given to hair extensions, and indicates the utmost in quality. You also want to look for hair extensions that are fully customizable with regard to color, cut, and style. This will allow your hair extensions to reflect your natural hair and your preferred style. Finally, we definitely recommend that you go with clip in extensions, as opposed to sew in, glue in, or tape in hair extensions. Clip in extensions are durable and can be applied quickly and easily. More on that below.

How To Apply Your Hair Extensions

light volume extensionsWe recommend finding video tutorials that demonstrate how to apply clip in extensions. The video should be quite short, because this is a very simple process with only a few steps. This is one of the big advantages of clip in extensions. For example, in order to apply clip in volume extensions, you would simply line up the extension’s part with your hair’s part and press down on the clips. Voila, you now have beautiful volume extensions.

The 3 Types Of Extensions

There are 3 basic types of clip in extensions: full volume, light volume root coverage, and length. Full volume extensions are 12-18” in length and extend about 2-3” past the shoulders. These hair extensions are designed to help women who are suffering from hair loss (minimal to severe). These extensions have a 5” by 6” base that clips in around the entire crown area. Light volume root coverage extensions are a little shorter at 12-16” in length, and are perfect for women with medium length hair who want a little more coverage. These extensions are also great for covering unwanted grey hairs. Finally, length extensions are great for adding extra length and thickness. The type of extension that you choose will depend on your particular hair, as well as your style needs. You can even pair extensions. For example, many women like to wear length extensions in combination with full volume or light volume root coverage extensions. It is all about finding the look that is right for you!