Oct 12, 2023

Curly blonde hair on gray background.

It’s easy to fall in love with gorgeous 100% European Remy human hair extensions. The gorgeous, virgin hair is irresistibly shiny and soft to the touch. What do you do if everything about a set of hair extensions is perfect except for the color? Can you color hair extensions?

If you choose human hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, you’re in luck! Human hair extensions are the only types of extensions available that do not repel hair dye. With that said, coloring extensions is a little different than dying your natural hair. You’ll need to keep a few factors and considerations in mind before you give your new tresses a colorful makeover.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about dying hair extensions, including our top tips for care and maintenance. 

Can You Dye All Hair Extensions?

You can only dye hair extensions made from human hair. Higher-quality hair extensions tend to take color the best. 100% European Remy human hair is the gold standard in extensions, toppers, and wigs. This untouched human hair is ready to absorb color, just like natural hair. 

With that said, you typically cannot lighten hair extensions. If you do want to change the color, aim to go darker. You can also change the tone of your extensions.

Do not use bleach on hair extensions! If you’re aiming for a blonde or a lighter shade, start with lighter extensions and go darker.

Beautiful human hair extensions are often an investment. We advise you to work with a professional stylist if you plan to dye your human hair extensions. These licensed professionals have experience with color mixing and application. They can help you achieve the perfect look without damaging the hair.

Do not attempt to dye synthetic hair extensions. Artificial hair does not absorb or hold onto color. In fact, the chemicals in the dye might ruin the integrity of your synthetic extensions. 

Can You Color Clip In Hair Extensions?

Yes! You can color clip in hair extensions if you are careful. 

Be sure not to get any dye or other chemicals near the clips or attachments. This can weaken the integrity of the clips. A stylist can help ensure that your dye job looks great and that the dye stays where it belongs!

If possible, you should avoid coloring your hair with the extensions in. When touching up your roots, consider removing your extensions first. 

If you have sewn-in hair extensions, you will need to go to a stylist for toning or a root coverup. The stylist will take special care to avoid damaging the extensions. We do not recommend attempting the process at home. 

What Is the Difference Between Toning and Dying Extensions?

A woman sees a hair stylist for help coloring her extensions

Dying your hair is a permanent or semi-permanent way to change the color of your hair extensions. Choose dye if you want to change the color completely. 

For example, you might have blonde extensions and plan to dye your natural hair red. In that case, you should also use dye on your extensions.

Toning is a way to somewhat alter the existing shade of your extensions. For example, the color may be close to your preferred shade, but you might want to make it warmer or cooler. Toning uses a special dye to temporarily alter the tone of your extensions. 

For example, you might have blonde extensions but want them to be ashier. In that case, you can use a toner to achieve the change. 

Can You Dye Hair Extensions More Than Once?

While your extensions may consist of human hair, it is not the same as natural hair. It doesn’t have natural oils to keep it healthy. 

As a result, multiple dye jobs can damage your extensions. They won’t look as natural, soft, or shiny. The chemicals can even cause mild damage. In addition to the natural wear and tear of wearing your extensions in the world, it can impact their appearance. 

We do not recommend dying your human hair extensions more than once. 

Can I Use Boxed Color On My Extensions?

Extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection utilize the highest quality 100% European Remy human hair available. As a result, we recommend using the highest quality hair dye available. Look for professional-grade hair color. A 10-volume developer is ideal for human hair extensions.

Again, for best results, work with a professional colorist. They work with high-quality, professional dyes and experience mixing them. Likewise, they understand how to treat extensions to achieve the boldest and brightest results. Their experience is invaluable and worth the cost! 

Can I Wash My Colored Hair Extensions?

Even if you use professional, permanent hair dye, washing can impact your color. Avoid washing your extensions for the first 48 hours following a dye job. 

From there, wash your extensions infrequently. Ideally, avoid washing your extensions more than once a week at a maximum. 

Instead, take advantage of salon-quality dry shampoos, which keep things clean without affecting the integrity of your color. Try to choose products without sulfate or alcohol. Those ingredients can strip color and make your extensions look dull and damaged. 

Caring For Your Colored Hair Extensions

Now that your stunning extensions look just the way you want them, it’s your job to keep them that way! The key to maintaining those extensions is using the best sulfate-free care products available. We recommend products for use on human hair, with gentle formulas that keep extensions shiny and colorfast. 

Start with the products from The Lauren Ashtyn collection. We’ve formulated our care products to be gentle on your human hair extensions. Our goal is to ensure that your hair looks great for years to come. 

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