Mar 18, 2019

Do you suffer from thinning hair? Unfortunately, this is a problem that millions of women deal with. But you do not need to let this condition dictate your life. You can easily win the battle against thinning hair by following a few simple steps. Read below for some simple and easy ways to cover up your thinning hair.

Wear A Hat

There is one obvious and very helpful solution to dealing with thinning hair: wear a hat. And no, we are not talking about some ratty, old baseball cap that you throw on to cover up your thinning hair. We are talking about a fun, eye-catching hat that reflects your unique personality and style. If there is one thing that you take away from this article, we hope it is that your thinning hair should not stop you from looking fun, confident, and stylish. So shop around for different hats: elegant, sophisticated, sleek, whimsical—the choice is yours. And feel free to mix it up as well.

Wear A Hoodie

Wearing a hoodie is a great solution for casual situations. Hoodies have become a major fashion trend recently, and it looks like this trend is here to stay. One of the upshots to this trend is that hoodies allow you to easily cover up your thinning hair, while also looking stylish.

Wear Hair Extensions

root coverage extensionsOne of the best ways to cover up thinning hair is to invest in some real hair extensions. By that, we mean 100% Remy hair extensions, made from human hair. Once you invest in these babies, you will be able to kiss your insecurities goodbye. That is because hair extensions give your hair more volume and luxury than it has ever had before. Once you put them on, you will totally feel like a new person. In order to make things simpler and easier, we recommend buying clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions will allow you to cover up your thinning hair in a snap.

Color Your Hair

Did you know that coloring your hair actually adds volume, helping it expand? This is a simple “life hack” that can help you reverse some of the effects of thinning hair. Really, it is an added bonus, since coloring your hair can improve your style no matter how much hair you have. Speaking of color, did you know that your hair extensions can be colored as well? This is why we also recommend purchasing hair extensions that can be fully customized with regard to color (and cut and style).

Use Hair Products

Hair products, such as gels, mousses, and sprays, can help you cover up those pesky thin spots. Use these products to your advantage. By using the right combination of hair products in the right manner, you can totally compensate for the harmful effects of thinning hair. And if you are buying hair extensions, we recommend purchasing products that can be used on hair extensions, as well as your natural hair. Trust us, such products are out there.