Oct 22, 2017

If you are feeling lacking in the beauty department, the following tips are easy and ways to give you a much needed confidence boost. Just making a few changes and/or adjustments can greatly improve your outlook and the way you feel about yourself.

Try Something Bold

Being bold in how you dress and look can be risky, but without risk, there is no reward. Wearing a bold lipstick color such as an old Hollywood red, deep fall plum, or bright summer-y orange, can make you appear confident even if you’re not feeling that way. After all, it takes someone with confidence to pull that type of color off, right? Sometimes faking it till you make it really is good advice. The best part about doing something bold beauty-wise is that typically people notice and will compliment you which will in turn boost your confidence even more. Not to mention, is there anything better than doing a double take when you see your own reflection and thinking “WHO is that fashionable woman?”

Stand Tall

When walking in a great pair of high heels, it’s hard NOT to feel confident. That’s for good reason. Studies show that women who wear heels to work have their ideas taken more seriously and are better thought of. If heels aren’t your thing, you can mimic the effect by watching your posture and standing tall. The old adage “chin up and shoulders back” really does work, just try it. You will feel more confident and in control immediately, with the added bonus of looking really confident to those you pass by as well. If you like heels but have a hard time walking in them, try wedges. Wedges offer more support for the arches of your feet and are much easier to walk in, so you’ll look more graceful AND have less back pain.


full volume extensions A fresh and stylish hair cut is a quick and easy way to feel good about yourself but if short hair just isn’t your cup of tea, you can still make a dramatic change in a quick timeframe and with a whole lot less commitment. Enter, clip-in hair extensions. Having the much coveted duo of long and voluminous hair is sure to make you feel like a princess. What could be more confidence boosting than that?
If there are any beauty areas that you just don’t love about yourself, you don’t have to grin and bear it. Whether you feel less than satisfied with your barely-there brows, short and straight lashes, or an unwanted furry lip—a trip to your favorite beauty salon can erase these insecurities in no time. Eye lash extensions are a great tool to boost confidence because not only will your lashes look amazing but they’ll look that way right when you roll out of bed too. Imagine waking up and seeing freshly applied mascara and curled lashes looking back at you—except even better because you didn’t have to do any of the work. From the moment you wake up, you’ll have something to smile about and that something is you and your enviable lashes.