Aug 25, 2018

Fashion changes. Fashion changes every day like a leaf blowing in the wind. But chic? Chic is timeless. It is possible to achieve the chic and confident look without the sacrifice of money, time or complexity. An effortlessly chic look can fill your day with confidence and positivity. Fashion is an expression of personality and artistry and is often filled with a certain amount of bias, but chic is about framing yourself in the best possible way; chic is about looking your best for you, not for others. What follows are a few great tips when you want to put in some extra effort without wasting time. Chic and fashion are personal choices, so feel free to experiment until you find the ‘right’ look for you, what follows are some hints and examples to get you started.

Confidence In Not Caring

Before even starting on fashion tips or what to keep or eliminate, let’s start with one thing – Confidence. You can’t take confidence on and off like a pair of pants or a shirt. Confidence is often key to successin most aspects of life, and especially so in fashion. You have to not care about the stress, the glances, the comments. Your body is not their body, so they have NO say. Rock whatever you want, if you like it, buy it and own it! Body confidence is how you stand out the most – so be unapologetically yourself.

Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe is being clear about what matters most, it is about eliminating distractions, and maintaining a clear-headed environment about your fashion and personal style. Capsule wardrobes are a collection of basic items, around eight to ten that can be worn together and mixed and matched, with clean lines and timeless appeal. You can then rotate in items for the seasons if you wish, but a capsule wardrobe will challenge your sense of style and how you can creatively pair items. This is an excellent alternative to those who love to challenge fashion, as well as for those who don’t have extra time!

Minimize: Calm, Cool, Collected – The Three C’s Of Confidence.

Fashion is about something that comes from with you. Believe in yourself, and you will wear your clothes, they will never wear you. Unburden your closet every once in awhile. Sort calmly and donate. It’s a win-win. Minimizing will help you plan, and when you put on anything in your closet, you will walk out the door feeling cool and collected, with confidence.

Beauty: Hair, Face, And Nails

best human hair topperMastering the art of painting your nails will save you money. No more crazy designs or colors. Chic is about style. A simple coat of nail varnish can spruce up any look and help coordinate with your outfit and even match the current season. A freshly washed face, clean and ready for a simple makeup routine, will not only add time to your day, but help you feel lighter and less weighted down. Just a touch of lipstick and a simple makeup application is all you need. One of the best accessories you have in your arsenal is your hair. Your hair a great confidence booster: when your hair looks good, you feel good. Being able to change hairstyles can help make any outfit you have also look different. Owning a few of the best human hair toppers can help you easily create different looks and hairstyles. Investing in hair extensions and making them part of your wardrobe will open the doors for you to mix and match them with your clothes and make a statement of your own. In other words, OWN your CHIC.