Jun 10, 2017

So your best friend, coworker, college roommate, or next door neighbor is getting married and you are at the top of the invite list. Summer weddings are gorgeous occasions filled with love and celebration. But what’s often overlooked is summer weddings are also the perfect place to find your summer fling and possibly, love of a lifetime. Use the following guide for whimsical wedding styles to take anyone’s breath away.

Glamorous Hair

wedding hairpieces For a winning wedding look, try a glamorous updo. An updo pulls the hair back, showcasing that gorgeous face. Use curls, braids, decorative pins and more to get your perfect style. A top choice is a sleek updo complimented with a luxury hair piece. Start with freshly washed and blow dried hair and use a heat protectant spray for less frizz and more shine. Add your luxury hair piece for added length and body. A little gel and hairspray to the edges of your hair keep everything smooth and sleek when you brush it into a tight ponytail.

The Perfect Dress

Finding a dress to wear for any event can be very stressful and weddings are probably at the top of the list. Do not spend unnecessary time racking your brain for the perfect dress. Sometimes the best option is the most simple. Opt for your favorite little black dress. With an item you have previously worn, you will not have to fret wardrobe malfunctions, comfortability, or style. Grab your favorite LBD for a quick solution to any summer wedding.


The perfect makeup for this romantic occasion depends on the timing of the nuptials. For a daytime wedding go for a flirty and friendly. Use neutral shades on the eyelid and pair with rosy cheeks and a natural glow. A lip gloss is the perfect way to finish this look. For a nighttime or evening wedding, go bold but not too drastic. A smoky eye or a simple eyeshadow with a hint of glitter are the perfect daring eyes. Add on your favorite pair of flirty falsies for a winning look.
The key to the perfect wedding footwear is not style. No matter how cute your shoes are, if you are sitting down the entire event with sore feet, no one in attendance will see them. Find great shoes that are both fashionable and functional. Wedding ceremonies on average are not very long, however, the cocktail hours and receptions that follow can last all night. A flat sandal or very low heel is appropriate. If opting for the flat sandal do not grab your day to day summer shoe. Instead, shop for a glamourous flat sandal made for special events. Showcasing your dance moves in cute yet practical shoes is a great wedding memory.
The perfect way to finish your wedding look is with subtle accessories that sparkle and shine. Whether this comes from hairpins, jewelry or a handbag the more sparkle the better. Rhinestone and crystals are the way to go. A fun way to accessorize with a hint of sparkle is a rhinestone choker necklace. Chokers are trending and can look glamorous with no effort. Grab your accessories and shine all night long.