Mar 05, 2020

Great Reasons To Enjoy The Benefits Of Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been around since before modern times. The truth of the matter is that our hair has been a huge part of our “fashion statement” for as long as humans have existed. We take pride in our luscious locks, brushing them and detangling them daily, styling them to create the perfect look for the day.

Can’t we consider hair beads and other additions a form of hair extension? Ribbons and feathers in the hair are simply another way of self-expression. Not to mention it makes us look great! Clip-in hair extensions are here to stay! The benefits are endless and the cons are very few when working with a temporary clip-in method.

Read on to learn more about how The Lauren Ashtyn Collection can help you stay up-to-date with the latest hair trends and styles. Clip-in hair extensions are an inexpensive and easy way to live the fashion life of your dreams.

Better Technology

It’s 2020 and technology is still expanding. Yes, that includes in the field of hair extensions! The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is an online boutique offering 100% human hairpieces with an over 4-star rating online. Such a high customer satisfaction rate wouldn’t be possible without the help of technology like fully-customizable hairpieces.

We can simulate any hair color and texture to match our clients’ individual needs. We know each head of hair is unique and needs special attention to create a natural look that will boost the clients’ confidence. Thanks to furthering technology, we can achieve these goals.

Remy Hairpieces

Remy is well-known for offering the highest quality hair extensions available. Again, thanks to further knowledge of the biology of human hair, Remy has created a way to maintain a natural and healthy look long after the hair has been removed from the head. They do this by taking special precautions with the hair while in transit. The cuticle is kept intact, which is how Remy hairpieces retain that healthy bounce.

This is why we only offer Remy hair extensions. We know that they are 100% human hair every time. They also ensure to get their product from safe and reputable sources. A lot of people sell the hair for extra money, and Remy is happy to support that cause.

Fashion Trends

Some clients purchase hairpieces due to hair loss or thinning. Some are experiencing gray hairs and are looking for natural coverage. Others simply want a quick and easy way to add more volume to their hair. Clip-in hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection have allowed clients to feel confident in their skin every day.

In today’s world, we experience so many changes that it’s impossible to keep up. Having a stash of high-quality hair extensions can take the guesswork out of choosing a hairstyle. Pop in a natural Remy hair extension from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection and you will be sure to turn heads whatever the occasion.