Oct 05, 2021

Good Morning America Story


Many think that only men have to worry about hair loss, but according to the Cleveland Clinic, more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss. Female-pattern hair loss (FPHL) affects approximately 30 million women in the U.S., the Cleveland Clinic reports, and women over 40, women who just gave birth and women undergoing chemotherapy are among those most commonly affected.

For women experiencing hair loss  like our lovely friend cindy, the impact that a hair piece can have on their lives goes beyond the superficial.

Cindy Dwyer, was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer in 2013, and underwent surgery, 35 days of radiation and a year of chemotherapy. After upending her life and battling her illness, Dwyer, now 57 years old, made a full recovery -- except for a patch on her head where the tumor was removed.

Her doctor told her that the hair follicles were burned, but after months of waiting, Dwyer came to terms with the fact that her hair wasn’t coming back.

PHOTO: Cindy Dwyer lost a patch of her hair to brain cancer radiation but you can hardly tell now with her hair topper.


Cindy Dwyer
Cindy Dwyer lost a patch of her hair to brain cancer radiation but you can hardly tell now...


She said she started looking around for something that would make her love her hair again.

"I was searching for a hair piece that would work for me," Dwyer told "Good Morning America," noting she finally found a line of hair pieces or "toppers" crafted from human hair from a brand called the Lauren Ashtyn Collection. "When the topper was placed on my head I looked in the mirror, and I was filled with joy. I felt whole again. It was one of the best days of my life.”


see below her after photo with her Lauren Ashtyn Full Volume Hair Topper