Oct 25, 2018

Halloween is almost here, which means it is time to pick out a costume. Dressing up for Halloween is just as fun for adults as it is for kids. There are many important elements to a great costume, including the mask and the outfit. One element that can truly make or break a costume is the hair. Halloween gives you the chance to get creative with your hair. Read below for some costume ideas that feature whacky – or drop dead gorgeous - hairstyles.

The Pirate Look

Pirate costumes have always been popular, but they have become especially popular ever since Johnny Depp swashbuckled his way across the big screen in Pirates of the Caribbean. This costume is not limited to guys though. Girls can rock the pirate look as well. Of course, no pirate look is complete without long, flowing hair. If you need to add some length to your hair in order to round out the costume, we recommend purchasing hair extensions. This is a look that is sure to be a hit at your next costume party.

Frankenstein And Elviraluxury length hair extensions

Another look that is sure to be a hit at the next costume party is the Frankenstein and Elvira look. This look is perfect for couples. Hair-wise, guys get to sport the short, square haircut that made Frankenstein’s monster famous. Add some green makeup and fake bolts for the full effect. Girls can rock Elvira’s long, flowing locks. Clip in volume hair extensions work great with this costume as well. This look is all about the sleek black dress that has been stunning the guys for decades.

Punk Rocker

The punk rocker costume has definitely made a comeback in recent years. This is a look that is all about the hair. With this costume, you can really get creative with your hair: mohawks, buzz cuts, and funky hair colors are all fair game. Rock (no pun intended) a leather jacket, or torn jean jacket, and spiked bracelets for added effect.


This is a classic costume for guys and girls—one that has been a hit ever since the original “summer of love” back in the 60s. Bring out the tie-dye, the bellbottoms, the sunglasses, and of course the long hair. This look can be achieved with a wig, full volume, or light volume hair extensions. This is a costume that can be used year-round, since so many people like to throw 60s themed parties throughout the year. This costume is all about peace and love!


The witch costume will always be popular for women. It is easy to throw together—just find a black dress or cloak, a witch’s hat, and a broomstick. Of course, you will also need hair extensions to round out the costume. The outfit can be found at any costume store or Halloween store, as this is always one of their biggest sellers. You will be able to really cast a spell on party-goers with this enchanted costume.