Jun 02, 2020

With clip in hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, you can turn up your hair volume. You can get everything done in a matter of minutes, quick and straightforward, with undetectable results. With these seamless hairpieces, you can enhance the style and color, and increase the fullness of your hair. As you have more hair with more styling possibilities, you can also have fun with placement.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection had people like you in mind when the beauty company was designing the clip in hair extensions to add both thickness and length to your natural hair. These extensions are ready to be worn right out of the box as they come styled and pre-cut.

Prepping Sections of Your Clip in Hair Extensions

If you have thin hair and need extra support and security, you will need to prep each section. Secure all hair away from the spot you want to prep with a clip. With one hand, place a comb 1 inch from the scalp while using the other hand to hold the ends of your hair. Push the comb thrice towards the scalp as it will give the clips something to hold on to.

Closing or Opening the Clips

You can gently push the center of the clip with your thumb and index finger to open the clip. Also, you only need to push your thumb the opposite way to close the clip.

Applying the Clips-Ins

Your clip in hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has clips that you can use to attach your extensions. Place one clip there on the left side of your head, and repeat the same steps for the right side of your head. Next, place your index finger at your left temple, and then gradually draw a line towards the middle of your head.

Then, you have to start the process with the clip that is closest to the face. From the front hairline, place it ½ inch away. Close the clips and go on repeating the same process with the remaining clips to secure them into place. For a more natural frame, you can even place this section on a diagonal. Then, do the same steps on the opposite side.

The Best Clip in Hair Extensions

With The Lauren Ashtyn Collection’s clip in hair extensions, you can fill in more delicate areas of your natural hair with ease. Women with thinning hair will enjoy these clip in hair extensions because it will enhance the style, color, and fullness of their natural hair. You will have the option to place the hair extensions where you need them the most because the application is versatile and quick.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection also gives the options of taking the clip in hair extensions to a professional stylist and have them customized to blend with your natural hair length. You must take into consideration that choosing the length of your hair extensions is not always about having a long hair alone, but also amplifying your hairstyle and volume that will last.