May 30, 2022

Whether you are searching for a wig that matches your natural hair color or want to switch up your look, choosing a wig color can be difficult.

With all the different colors of wigs out there, it is important to choose a wig hair color that flatters your complexion. Choosing the wrong hair wig color can throw off your skin tone or make you appear washed out.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is here to help you choose a wig color that fits you perfectly.

Choosing a Wig Color

Follow these tips to start your wig color journey and select a wig that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

1. Determine your skin tone

 The first step in learning how to choose a wig color is figuring out your skin color and undertones. A good way to determine your skin tone is by looking at the veins on the underside of your wrists.

If your veins are bluer, you have cooler undertones. If your veins are more green, you have warmer undertones. If you see both, you have neutral undertones.

2. Choose a wig color that complements your skin tone

 Your wig color tone should be the opposite of your skin tone. So if you have cooler undertones, go for a warmer wig hair color, and if you have neutral undertones, you can choose a cool or warm wig color.

Some cool wig colors are ash tones of light or dark brown, silvery-gray, pink or deeper strawberry blonde, and purple tones.

Some warm wig colors are golden brown, brassy blonde, golden blonde, and brassy strawberry blonde.

3. Don’t choose a shade too much lighter or darker than your natural hair

Picking a wig color that is two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair can result in a dramatic change.

To be safe, choose a wig color that matches your real hair color. But if you are looking to try something new, change the wig color gradually over time.

4. Keep your eye color in mind

You may want to choose a wig in a color like dark or golden brown, hazelnut, or chestnut if your eyes are golden brown, hazel, green, or light blue.

For those who have dark brown, deep blue, or dark hazel eyes, choose a wig color like black, brown, or blonde.

5. Choose an appropriate highlight color

Both synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs contain natural-looking highlights. It is important to choose a wig with highlight colors that complement you.

Brunettes look great with caramel tones, and blondes look best with honey tones.

Wigs from the Lauren Ashtyn Collection

Your skin tone paired with the right wig color creates a beautiful balance and makes your gorgeous features pop.

At the Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we offer a wide selection of hair wig colors so you can find one that suits your complexion and desired look.

All of our wigs are made with 100% European human Remy hair, giving you natural, beautiful hair in no time.

Need help finding the right color wig? Let us help with our wig hair color chart.