Jun 02, 2020

A hair topper will give your hair that extra oomph as well as conceal hair loss. For it to provide you with a more natural look and blend in with your existing hair, you can find different ranges of hair toppers’ colors, sizes, and shapes as each person is unique. As such, it tends to be quite challenging to decipher how it is best to style types of hair topper to achieve your desired look since the full range of hair toppers are on the market. You will get the necessary help of how to style your hair topper to give you the most natural and flattering look when you consult with the well-trained stylists at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. The experts at the company will provide you adequate tips on how to attach your hair topper correctly.

Choosing the Right Type of Hair Topper

Some hair types style better than others, just like with your natural hair. And in this respect, hair toppers are the same. Based on the hair type of your hair topper, you may achieve the style you like. Hair toppers also come in heat friendly synthetic, human hair, and synthetic hair options, just like the regular wigs.

Blending with your natural hair is the aim of a hair topper. Some women have a preference for the natural hair toppers, while others prefer heat-friendly synthetic hair. Using a heated style tool, you can create texture with these topper types, which closely resemble your hair for a more natural look. If you’re more confident with styling abilities, you will find this ideal.

Also, women that struggle to style their hair will have an excellent option for synthetic hair toppers. You can match them with your desired look or hairstyle since these toppers are designed with straight, wavy, and curly textures. As they also provide a high-quality look, the synthetic hair toppers are quite easy to maintain.

You can check out The Lauren Ashtyn Collection for further assistance and a professional guide on choosing the right hair topper.

Styling Aims for Different Coverage Areas

Over any part of the scalp is where hair thinning or loss occurs, and as such, there are different types of light volume and full volume hair toppers for the best coverage designed for specific parts of the head.

Crown Toppers

At the top of the head where the skull begins downwards and curve out is the crown area of the head. You will find this area perfect for reducing the appearance of thinning hair and adding volume to your hair and hairstyle.

Top topper

Depending on the circumstance of the topper, your head can get the coverage for a multitude of areas it deserves through toppers worn at the top of the head.

Part Topper

Women part their hair straight down the middle, to the right, or the left. It is easy to see the skin of the scalp at the part where the strands separate. When you’re looking to disguise the thinning hair around your parting or reduce the appearance of thinning hair, a topper is ideal for this.