Jun 01, 2019

Attending A Wedding In Spartanburg, SC This Summer? Follow These Tips To Be The Envy Of The Guests

Spartanburg, SC is a popular locale for weddings, and June is peak wedding season. If you have ever been to a wedding in this area before, you know that style and sophistication matter. Here in the South, we go all out for big events such as weddings. Getting completely dolled up for a wedding is as Southern as pimento cheese. So if you are wondering how you can look your best at an upcoming wedding here in Spartanburg, SC, read the helpful tips below.

Find The Right Dress

As always, it starts with the dress. You need a dress that is comfortable, yet stylish. When in doubt, you can never go too formal, style-wise. Keep in mind, though, that summers here in Spartanburg, SC are hot and humid, so you want to pick a dress that you won’t faint in. Luckily, you can find many stylish-but-comfortable dresses here in Spartanburg, SC. This town is chock full of stylish boutiques and luxury stores. And the service at all of these stores is incredibly helpful and friendly. That is what we call “Southern hospitality.”

Find The Right Makeup

Of course, you can’t get all dolled up without makeup. That is why you need to find the perfect makeup, and perfect makeup tools and accessories, well before the wedding. Again, Spartanburg has you covered. Spartanburg, SC is also home to many amazing beauty stores—stores that will help you look (and feel) your absolute best at your Spartanburg, SC wedding. You can also find many great beauty supplies online as well. This way, you can do all of the makeup shopping that you need without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

Getting Your Hair Styled

Spartanburg beauty salonYou can’t be the talk of the wedding without having the perfect hair. As with the dress, formal reigns supreme in Spartanburg, SC. We are talking elegant updos. Where should you go for a great wedding updo? Why, a Spartanburg hair stylist, of course. A hairstylist here in Spartanburg, SC will be able to give you exactly the hairstyle that you need for your upcoming wedding, and at a reasonable price. You can book services from either a junior stylist, a designer stylist, or a master stylist. If you really want to impress at the wedding, you should invest in hair extensions as well. Hair extension companies like The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are the toast of Spartanburg, SC. (Check out these reviews: https://goo.gl/maps/9GaqyTh2yM8HStp7A.) And when you buy clip-in hair extensions, you can easily apply and remove your hair extensions without any fuss. This will dramatically cut down on the time it takes you to get ready for the wedding. We also recommend purchasing their hair extensions, as they can be completely customized with regard to color, cut, and style. This way, you can keep the same hair extensions, but dramatically alter them for the next wedding season, or just create a different updo.