Jul 21, 2018

Motherhood and the term exhaustion go together a lot, that’s because being a mother IS exhausting and a whole bunch of other things too but, this article wants to focus on how to look good in 10 min or less when you feel like you’ve been up for 48 hours in the last 12. When you look in the mirror, and you don’t even know the woman staring back at you, and you think, yikes! Have to do something here! Read on for some quick tips for pulling it all together.

Routine Is Important

Doing ‘you’ the same way every morning is important, especially when you are a working mom and by working mom, I mean ‘out of the home’ working mom. Trust me, I know. All mom’s work! Routine is crucial so, here are some habits do to the same way every morning to get yourself rolling, looking good and more importantly feeling good.

Face Routine

Exfoliated skin is one of the best ways to look like you slept a full and uninterrupted 8 hour the night before. Also, the added benefit to exfoliation is it prevents dead skin cells from forming in your pores and giving you those nasty breakouts. Wash your hair the night before; get in the habit of taking a shower the night before, no matter how tired you are as it will save you tons of time in the morning.

Hair Drying

Don’t take the time for a full-blown ‘blow out,’ let your hair dry naturally as you get ready. Then take only a few minutes and when it is almost dry, blow dry it for a few minutes to add some volume.

volume hair extensionsHair Extensions

These can become your best friends and add so many ways to make your hair look different. They simplify getting ready, as high quality hair extensions clip in quickly while adding volume and texture.


Keep it simple. Mascara and concealer are your best friend. Tip – mascara, concealer, then mascara again. Dark circles under your eyes does not look good, so just a little bit of concealer will brighten up your eyes, and then add a second coat of mascara to really open your eyes up. You’ll look like you’ve had a full 8 hours sleep, even if it was only 8 minutes!


This is so important, wear and buy clothes that fit your body type and size. Clothe manufactures make clothes, even some designer clothes, in nearly every size these days. There is no reason not to wear clothes that fit the size you are currently. You will not only feel better, but also look better. Take the time to go through your closet and painful as it will be, let those size three pants go that you’ve been keeping for last ten years because you will be able to ‘wear them again once you lose some more weight. Save yourself time, energy and space and just throw them out. Also, wear clothes that are ‘timeless’. Simplify and look good. Take a few extra hours and go shopping and buy seven tops, preferably V-necks, that fit and are in your color palette. This saves you time and helps you look good.

At-Home Booster Shot

With the steps above you can cut your morning routine down to nearly 10 minutes or less, leaving you more than enough time to swing through your favorite coffee joint and get your daily dose of caffeine, which you richly deserve!