Mar 25, 2018

Looking for ways to spice up your style in 2018? We’ve outlined some must-have hair products to keep your hair styling and looking fabulous, no matter what the occasion is! Lauren Ashtyn Collection hair care products


This one might seem like a “gimme,” but are you using the right kind? There are all types of shampoos out there, from clarifying and volumizing shampoo, to ones for color treated hair. No matter the kind, make sure you’re buying shampoo that’s right for your hair. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo once a week to keep your hair looking fresh and clean if it feels like there is too much product build up.


Similar to shampoo, conditioner comes in a variety of types. There’s rise out conditioner (the most common), leave-in conditioner, and then there are hair masks and deep conditioning. A hair repair mask will leave your hair feeling soft and silky smooth. For detangling, use a leave-in conditioner. And remember to avoid your roots when you use rinse out conditioner to prevent product build up!

Dry Shampoo

This one deserves its own category! Don’t have time to shower and wash your hair in the morning? Dry shampoo is a great solution, as it helps eliminate the excess oil in your hair as well as helps to add some volume. If you don’t have dry shampoo, try baby powder! Spray (or sprinkle) your dry shampoo or baby powder onto the roots of your hair, leave for a few minutes, then finger and “fluff” your hair for optimal volume and results. You’re ready to hit the town!
Hair feeling a little dull and dry? Try some oil to make it shine and feels silky smooth. Coconut, argan, or avocado oil are great choices. For best results, apply a dime size to dry or almost dry hair before you use your heating products (curling iron, straightener, etc.)
Heat Protectant
If you style your hair using heating tools, this one is for you! In order to avoid split ends, dry and dull hair, use a heat protectant spray beforehand. You (and your hair) will thank us for doing so! Hairspray And no, not the musical. The actual stuff! Hairspray is perfect for when you’re looking to add a little oomph to your hair, or are looking for your style to stay put. To tame fly aways, try spraying some hairspray directly to your hands and smoothing your hair out with the product. And remember, a little goes a long way! Sea Salt Spray Beach babe alert! Sea salt spray is the perfect summertime look to add some waves and volume to your hair. To avoid greasiness and clumps, spray on wet/damp hair and scrunch. You’re ready to hit the beach and surf those waves!