Apr 06, 2017

The beauty industry is loaded with talented professionals who effortlessly create flawless hair and makeup looks on any canvas. Watching YouTube videos and watching the birth of these stunning looks on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter makes hair and beauty styling seem simple to achieve. Seeing a beauty guru breeze through a tutorial can give any viewer the confidence to give a celebrity inspired smokey-eye a shot. Although these may seem simple, picking up the brushes and styling tools and then sitting in front of the mirror can prove to be a different story. As easy as it is to complete a tutorial, it is also very easy to fail. Often, tutorial fails occur when the achieved look is far from the look coveted. No matter the level of skill, these face and beauty looks can be achieved. The following tips will help reach the goal.

Using The Right Products

In both hair and makeup, the product choice is key. Many beauty tutorials will inform viewers that the look can be achieved with similar products. This may be the case in varying instances; however, using the exact same products will heighten the chances of achieving a replica of their look. Find tutorials that include products you already own or products that are easily attainable. If you are adamant in using a substitution, choose products that overall best match the product named. For example, when attempting to achieve a makeup look from a tutorial, try to match products not only based on color but on formula and finish. Ensure that the match is as close as possible. Utilize search engines and online reviews for comparisons.

Recognizing Differences

Any look can be achieved by anyone no matter their age, race or anything else that may deter someone from selecting a certain style. It is important to recognize a lipstick shade may look different on ivory skin than olive; however, it does not make this look unobtainable. Hair tutorials are no different than makeup looks. If the stylist or person receiving the services has thicker or curlier hair than you, the results might be slightly different. Things such as customizable hair extensions and styling products are all great tools to get Instagram worthy hair. full volume extension

Handy Hacks

Hacks are alternate methods to reach a desired goal. Hacks are often shortcuts but some require extra steps. The beauty industry is no different. Hair and beauty hacks are imperative to looking like a pro. Many beauty gurus have years of experience and techniques that everyone else has to practice for hours can be done by these professional in their sleep. This is where hacks come in handy. If a step seems difficult, there is more than likely a hack. From perfect wing liner to voluminous bouncy curls, a simplified way exists. Most hacks can be done using household items and many times, you will not need to go purchase that expensive styling tool. Tape, spoons, cardboard tubes and other items found around the house will often do the trick. Explore your options to make the tutorial simpler and get the look you desire!