Jul 17, 2018

It may only be July, but the new color trends for Fall 2018 are out and already on the market, and they are being talked about as the ‘must have’s and the ‘not to have’s.’ In other words, what looks great and what does not. Here is a quick rundown for colors to think about as thoughts of Fall 2018 float through your mind. Even though you are out enjoying the hot summer sunshine, it is never too late for a lady to start thinking on the upcoming season.

Enter the Icy Platinum’s And Rich Browns of Fall

This fall will be a palette cleanser! Not to worry, though, the colors of fall will be anything but boring. The prediction was and is already moving from the big bright neons and the deep golden blondes to icier platinum and rich browns. There will be bright highlights thrown in for added depth and dimensions, with such fun names as Peanut Butter and Jelly. The PB&J, of course, being inspired by the golden color of the peanut butter and a purple highlight inspired by the purple of grape jelly of course. The goal with the change of the palette is to transition closer to your natural color and help the upkeep be a tad more manageable. Keep in mind though, that staying ‘natural’ still may require a few hours in the stylist’s chair to achieve that, “just natural” look! But, as always, it is well worth it!

Specific Fall 2018 Colorings

Chocolate Brown: the idea is to take your already rich brown hair and make it more two dimensional, becoming a ‘chocolate shade’ with hints of warm amber hues. Cayenne Spice Red: if you are a blonde, not to worry, as there will be a lot of reds, copper and auburn added. Having blonde hair only helps with these colorings. If you happen to have blue or green eyes, they make it all the better to go copper. Platinum Blond: the general theme is simple – if you are blonde, the idea is just to go brighter and lighter. Rusty Copper: warm-up that brunette base with red-hued and reddish-golden highlights. Add some curls for an even third dimension and well…fabulous! Root Beer: this look will carry you through the winter, with a rich brown base and red or auburn highlights producing a vibrant dark look. Next is, Blorange: this color is nothing more than platinum blonde meets and orange, giving an alternative to the millennial pink hair look. customizable hair extensions Mulled Wine: this look features the red shades again, and is nothing more than locks of deep, burgundy red, with even some plum, lavenders, and eggplants. Blauburn; stand back, browns and reds on this one and let the redheads add some flavor, this is nothing more than a hybrid of auburn and blonde with some honey hues thrown in for dimension. So, when you are ready for your new fall coloring, take yourself down to a local Spartanburg hairstylist and let them help you choose a fall color palette that will highlight you in all the right ways!