Mar 22, 2018

Believe it or not, summer is around the corner! We’ve got all of the hot hairstyles and colors to keep you on your toes. Want to add something even more special to your hair? Check out luxury hairpieces that are 100% human hair and fully customizable. Easy to use, they don’t have to be glued in, or sewed in, and they’re a simple way to keep you looking fabulous!


Bangs are going to be a trend this summer, and in a big way! All kinds of bangs will be in style, from fringe, to shaggy, to tapered. Want a look that isn’t too off the beaten path? Bangs are a great way to start!


Short hair is in, ladies! Chill in the summer heat with a cute bob. And not just any bob, fashion experts are predicting the “sci fi bob” and slicked-back bobs will be a big hit this summer, so grab the sheers (or your hairstylist) and get to work!

Mid-Length Cuts

Too scared to go short? Why not try a mid-length cut? Add some layers and curls and you’ll be styling this summer! Make sure to add some product to your hair, like mousse or sea salt spray to give it some serious wave!
Looking to add a little extra femininity to your hair? Why not throw in a bow (or two)? Bows are a chic and stylish way to add a little flair to any hairstyle! Want a DIY hack? Tie your hair into a ponytail with a hair tie and then wrap the bow around, it’ll make things easier! Go for classic colors like black or white, or try bold like traffic cone orange or ultra violet. Natural Curls/Air Dried Hair Don’t have time to do your hair after your morning shower? Good news, natural, air dried hair is going to be big this summer! Be sure to add a little product like Volumize Powder to add some volume and easily restyle and fluff your hair all day. Floral Headbands Floral headbands aren’t just for festivals anymore, ladies! Big, bold floral headbands will be in this summer, so wake up and smell the roses (literally)! Inky Blue Blue is the new silver! Fendi models Bella and Gigi Hadid were spotting styling this look on the runway, with a slicked-back bob, nonetheless. This is a great look if you’re looking to go bold this summer! Sleek and Straight Hair Inspired by 90s glamour, straight, slicked hair will be popular this summer as well. Be sure to add some hairspray or product like Moroccan oil finishing spray to tame those flyaways! Moroccan Oil Finishing Spray Fishtail Braids Long weekend on the boat? Try fishtail braids! To add a little more to this look, style with a bandana or soft headband. You’re ready to rock the waves! Wet/Dry Tamed roots and loose ends! Use some gel at your roots and diffuse your hair at the bottom for this look. You’ll be ready to hit the runway in no time! Accessories Want to add some “bling” to your hair? Try a pearl or sequined barrette, or two for both sides of your hair! Perfect for special occasions.