Mar 09, 2020

Why Real Hair Extensions Are They Way to Go

Here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we exclusively sell 100% human hair extensions. The obvious difference between synthetic and real hair extensions is that synthetic is created by man. Synthetic options have come a long way as far as texture and appearance.

Keep the following differences in mind when choosing between synthetic and real hair extensions:


Synthetic hair, as you might have guessed, is far cheaper than 100% real hair extensions. A lot of factors go into the decision. It seems simple to spring for the cheapest option, but we are talking about your hair! Sometimes, that is the first thing anyone sees when they meet you. Real hair extensions have a more natural appearance but require a lot of care to maintain it. It is hard to pinpoint exactly how long they last because a lot of factors go into their care. Synthetic hairpieces require less care and can last up to three months even with daily use!

It is plain to see that there are a ton of other factors to consider when choosing a hairpiece. We all want a natural look, and we all want to get the bang for your buck.

Natural Look

If you are looking for the most natural look, real hair extensions will be the right choice for you. 100% real human hair is, of course, the most seamless option for those who are willing to spend the extra cash. And it’s worth it. With proper care, these high quality real hair extensions can last you years.

If you are willing to spend even more money, we recommend Remy brand real hair extensions. They have discovered a way to handle the 100% human hair safely after removal in order to keep the protective outer layer intact. This is why Remy hair extensions are the most popular in the world right now. They achieve the most natural and healthy appearance of all other real hair extensions on the market. Here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we only sell Remy hair extensions.

Care And Maintenance

Here’s something good about synthetic hair extensions: humidity has nothing on them! Because synthetic hair does not react to the elements the same way as 100% real hair extensions, the maintenance can be a bit simpler. Although it is still recommended to occasionally wash and brush your synthetic hairpiece, the overall process is a lot simpler. Sometimes, synthetic hairpieces will last longer than human hairpieces for this reason.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection – Real Hair Extensions

We offer only real hair extensions at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. This is because we strive to provide the most natural look for our clients using the highest quality materials. We work with Remy hairpieces because they use the best methods of handling the 100% real hair extensions to maintain the longest-lasting, healthiest appearance. Shop with us to see how easy it is to totally customize your real hair extensions.