Mar 25, 2020

How Hollywood Sets Women Back

The pressure on today’s woman to always look fabulous is greater than ever before, and there doesn’t seem to be an end anywhere in sight. The trends set by Hollywood stars are constant and incredibly hard to keep up with, not to mention the impression they make on the way people think, and thus believe we should look and behave like. The problem is, they are setting the standards for the average woman impossibly high. Most stars are continually and unrealistically depicted as gorgeous women with perfect bodies. How can most of us begin to compete or compare with that?

How Women Can Fight Back

For one thing, we can stop trying to keep up with, compete - or even compare, and dare to be ourselves, for a change! There’s nothing more sexy or alluring than confidence, so if we can manage to ignore the magazines and movie stars and focus on creating our very own individual image instead, we might find that to be the most challenging and interesting concept of all. In doing so, you might be surprised at how many other people notice the new you and find you extremely attractive, in your own very unique way. One thing that can help you with your look, is using luxury hair toppers.

Use Luxury Hair Toppers To Create The Look You Want

We all have an idea in our head of the sort of look we want to create and achieve, and a big part of our image includes our hair. Luxury hair toppers from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection can help you get that look, no matter what kind of hair you’re dealing with.

They are made from the finest quality European Remy human hair on the market, and these luxury hair toppers are also fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. You can add fullness, body and length to your own hair with no risk of damaging it, due to their easy and secure clip-in design. It suddenly becomes a reality to get the look you want, with a little help from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

Be The Star Of Your Own Show

These luxury hair toppers can instantly make you feel like the star of your own show, especially when you look in the mirror and see for yourself the transformation of before and after. They attach easily in just seconds, and are virtually undetectable from your own hair. Suddenly, that look you’ve always wanted is within reach with these amazing luxury hair toppers, and they make a great investment since they can last up to 3 years with good care. There are many different tutorials offered on their website to help you with every aspect of your extensions, and they even offer a free hair consultation if you need help with your selection of luxury hair toppers or just want some good advice from the experts. At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, their goal is to help all women become the best version of themselves possible, so visit their website today, at: