Feb 01, 2019

Are you a mom on the go? Sometimes it seems like life’s demands just won’t stop: from working, to taking care of the kids, to finding time just for you—how do you balance it all? This article will give you some time-saving tips that will help you find that perfect balance. While we can’t add more hours to your day, we can help you make better use of your hours, by shortening those routine tasks that you do every day. So if you are a busy mom on the go, our helpful tips below cover things like morning routines and hair extensions to meditating and learning to say no.


At first glance, you might not think that meditation will help you save time, as it is yet another activity to add to your daily routine. However, meditating for just ten minutes or so can help keep you focused and centered. This will better prepare you to tackle whatever the day brings. If you have never meditated before, there are plenty of resources that can guide you through this process. For example, there are plenty of great books on meditation, as well as classes and YouTube videos. Even if meditation does not make you less busy, it will certainly make you feel less busy.

Get Ready More Quickly In The Morning

Without a doubt, the most hectic time of the day for busy moms is definitely the morning. Mornings bring all kinds of stress. We have to get the kids ready, hurry them out the door, then hurry to our own jobs. Sometimes, it is just too much. That is why it is important to utilize some time-saving tips to get ready as quickly as possible. Consider the following tips:best clip-in extensions
  • Lay your outfit out the night before.
  • Pack all lunches the night before.
  • Get some clip in hair extensions; they will add volume, coverage, and/or length quickly and easily, helping you achieve your desired look in seconds.
These tips will help you get out the door so much sooner.

Prep Food In Advance

Another stressful time for busy moms – probably second after the morning – is dinner time. We have just come home from a long day at work, and we have to rush to get dinner on the table. This is why it is helpful to prep food in advance. Cold dishes, like salads, can be made on the weekend when there is more time. Even hot dishes can be cooked in large quantities and be refrigerated or frozen, to be eaten throughout the week. Trust us, leftovers are a good thing.

Learn To Say “No” (And Mean It)

Sometimes, our schedule gets packed to the breaking point because we have a hard time saying no. We can’t say no to that play date, or that PTA meeting, or that church fundraiser, or any number of other activities. Learning to say no to the activities that you truly do not have the time or energy for will help you recharge and get your bearings. For busy moms, those two little letters can be the most important in the English language.