Oct 22, 2023

A woman with short hair in four different colors


You’ve mapped your face shape, and now you have your heart set on a short hair wig. You’re certain it will frame your face beautifully and bring out your best features. While a short style might make your contours pop, what about color?

As it turns out, the shade of your hair, whether natural or a wig, can completely transform your overall look. Hair color has the power to bring out your best features, from your skin’s natural undertones to your eye color. Choosing the right color for your human hair wig will make it look even more like your natural hair.

Are you ready to bask in a neverending shower of compliments? Continue reading to learn how to choose the best color for your short hair wig.

1. Consider Your Complexion

Before you choose the perfect wig color, it’s important to consider your overall coloring. That begins with taking a close look at your complexion. This begins by identifying your skin’s unique undertone. Undertones typically fall into three categories: warm, cool, and neutral.

A good way to determine your skin’s undertone category is to consider how it reacts to sunlight. Skin that turns red or burns easily tends to have cooler undertones. Skin that tends to tan often has warmer undertones. If your skin does both, it probably falls into the neutral category.

You can also figure out your precise complexion by studying the veins at your wrist. If your veins are a cool tone, like blue or violet, your skin is cool-toned. Likewise, if they are a warmer shade, like green, you probably have warm undertones. If your veins fall somewhere in between and appear more teal, you have neutral undertones.

The wig color you choose should include matching undertones.

Those with cool undertones look best in shades of taupe and ash. You may want to consider a short blonde wig or a short red wig.

Our Pick: Women with cool undertones should consider The Rose to bring out their coloring.

In contrast, those with warm undertones should choose deeper colors. A short black wig or short brown wig will ensure your coloring pops.

Our Pick: Warmer-toned ladies look great in a dark wig like The Kris, which brings out their underlying warmth.

If you have neutral skin undertones, you will look great in any color. Still, you should choose muted hues with a lower level of saturation. This will prevent your hair color from overpowering your complexion.

Our Pick: Those with neutral skin tones will look fantastic in The Jamie. It’s a muted brunette that will allow your gorgeous coloring to shine.

2. Enhance Your Eye Color


A graphic that shows warm, cool, and neutral skin tones


In addition to your skin tone, it’s important to consider your eye color. Believe it or not, choosing a hair color that compliments your eyes follows rules similar to those above.

Eyes in cool shades like blue pop when you pair them with cool-toned wigs. Eyes in warmer hues, like deep hazels and greens, will gain drama when paired with warm-toned wigs. Brown eyes can often be either warm or cool, depending on their depth and saturation.

Need some help? Here are our top color picks for different eye colors.

  • For Green Eyes: Choose a honey-blonde short hair wig like The Brielle
  • For Blue Eyes: Choose a rich-brunette short hair wig like The Jenny
  • For Brown Eyes: Choose a beige-tinged short hair wig like The Pearl
  • For Hazel Eyes: Choose a golden blonde short hair wig like The Paris

Make Fashion a Factor

Your skin tone and eye color can help steer you in the right direction. Still, we believe your own personal style should come first! If the colors recommended above are at odds with your personal aesthetic, it’s okay to try something different! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your new short hair wig.

The colors you prefer to wear can play a large role in whether or not your wig color pops. Start by stepping into your closet and taking a look at your wardrobe.

What pieces do you wear the most? Do you notice any color trends? What is your most common neutral?

You have probably figured out the drill by now. Cool-colored clothing pairs great with cooler wigs. If you’re a jeans-and-pastels gal, look for wigs with cooler undertones. You should also aim for cool undertones if navy is the most common neutral in your wardrobe.

Our Pick: If you wear cool tones, consider trying The Tinsley on for size. The honey undertones will bring out your beloved blues and violets.

Warmer-colored clothing looks great with wigs that have similarly warmer undertones. If you love Autumnal hues, and brown or tan is your most common neutral, search for complimentary wig colors.

Our Pick: Ladies fond of Fall-inspired hues will look spectacular in The Kelli. The warm brown includes hints of auburn. It looks and feels positively Autumnal!

Are you a self-described ‘queen of darkness’ with a lot of black in your wardrobe? Is gray your most common neutral? Those who wear neutral tones might glow with a neutral-colored wig. Black always looks good with black, after all!

Likewise, don’t shy away from a gray wig if it’s appropriate for your age and style.

Our Pick: The Beckham is a dark wig with a lot of hidden depth. It will add a subtle pop of color to your look.

More eclectic dressers should prioritize their coloring over their wardrobe. After all, you can buy a new blouse, but you can’t buy a new eye color!

Discover Your Color

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