Mar 09, 2017

Spring is quickly approaching and like every other season and along with allergies, spring cleaning and daylight savings time, this also means new trends. While fashion trends tend to take the lead, beauty movements are swiftly getting their time on the front page. With the popularity of beauty bloggers, beauty trends go hand-in-hand with style. Having the right hair extensions is just as important as having the most chic shoes. Here are some of the top beauty trends to utilize this upcoming season.

Waist Length Hair

The perfect hairstyle can make or break an entire outfit. One of the top hair trends for this season is extra long hair. Whether sporting a super sleek ponytail or loose and long beach waves, it is all about the length. Achieve this trend by adding hair extensions to an everyday look. Extensions are perfect for adding length and body to any style without the months of waiting and wishing for longer hair. This is a fast and fun way to be on trend. luxury hair extensions

Bold Lips

The attention is on the mouth. Bold lips are trending Spring 2017. Opt for a simple makeup look with minimal eye shadow, blush or mascara color so that the lips being the focal point of the look. Spring is the prime opportunity to introduce bright colors and bold lips are an excellent way to wear vibrant hues. Try a dramatic matte red lip, a glittery teal pout or a glossy peach nude. The possibilities are endless.

Just Glow With It

Highlighting and strobing have been on trend for a few seasons, however, this spring, beauty influencers have achieved a new level. Take highlighting up a notch by not only highlighting the cheekbones, but a full body glow. Introduce new shades of strobing such as shimmery pinks and glittery purples to ordinary makeup looks. Dust glitter or bronzer along the collarbone, shoulders, waist line and any other area that deserves a spotlight.
Curls and Waves
Add some body and flair to straight hair with curls and waves this spring. Flaunt those natural curls and waves all season long. There are multiple ways to attain a more defined look: use electric tools such as curling irons and curling wands for quick, glamorous curls and waves. For a longer lasting look, use rollers overnight and wake up with a beautifully curled mane.
Monochromatic Makeup
Using one shade for an entire look is a top beauty trend for Spring 2017. Plum eye shadow, plum blush and plum lipstick can seamlessly fuse an entire look together. Monochromatic makeup is perfect for monochromatic fashion, as well. Wearing an entire look of one color and adding the extra emphasis with monochromatic makeup creates a flawless finish to a super-chic look.
Pink Vibes
Every shade of pink is perfect for this upcoming season. The warm and pleasant color is reminiscent of many flowers which will bloom with the season. Pink adds a youthful accent to the most daring makeup looks. Create playful looks with rosy lips, pastel blushes and fuchsia eyelids.