Apr 16, 2020

Did You Know…

Did you know that crash dieting can cause hair loss? Or that most prescription drugs cause hair loss? It’s true. Also, 40% of all women have female pattern baldness by the time they go through menopause. Thyroid imbalances and iron deficiencies also can cause hair loss. If you’ve recently given birth, your hormones will cause you to lose a lot of hair. But the worst hair fact is, hair transplants are the only permanent solution to hair loss. There is no “miracle cure” or drug that regrows your hair. However, real hair extensions like the ones from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection do offer another option…

Women’s Hair Loss

Unfortunately, no matter what the cause of hair loss or thinning hair, it can be an emotional toll difficult to get through. Women have a much harder time coping with hair loss than men, even if it’s not noticeable to most other people. Women naturally feel the pressure of keeping their appearance up, as well as the competition to look attractive. But none of that compares with the way we feel about ourselves, and the level of self-confidence felt. This is the key, and decides whether she experiences low self-esteem thus emotional devastation, or the absolute freedom that having confidence brings. A solution can be these real hair extensions.

About Hair Extensions


The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a line of real hair extensions that are made from 100% European Remy human hair, the absolute highest grade and quality on the market today. Their unique clip-in design attaches securely to your own hair in just seconds, and does not damage your real hair. With proper care they can last up to 3 years and their maintenance is easy, which means they make a great investment, too. These incredible real hair extensions add volume, fullness and length to your hair and are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is dedicated to excellence in every way, including customer service. They offer many different tutorials on their website to help you with every aspect of your real hair extensions, and free video consultations if you like. They come in a myriad of different colors including multi-dimensional options, and there is financing available to those who qualify. Lauren Ashtyn herself is the daughter of a hairstylist and grew up immersed in the artistic modern salon culture with a deep passion for beautiful and luxurious hair. Her goal for each client is to become the best version of themselves possible. See more at https://www.houzz.com/pro/webuser_290908474.

Additional Information

They also offer a free hair consultation should you need assistance choosing the right extensions for you, or even if you just want some expert advice. Take your confidence back, and be that best version of yourself possible with real hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Don’t let hair loss or hair thinning zap your confidence for one more day. Try these amazing and potentially life changing hair extensions for yourself!