May 18, 2018

Mousse It Up

The days of mousse making your hair feel crunchy are gone. Here is what to do in a few easy steps. First, use just an egg-size amount of mousse to add volume to otherwise lifeless looking hair and work it from the roots to the end before you blow dry for optimal volume for thin and lifeless hair. The trick is to add a dollop of the hair mouse to ‘wet’ hair and blow dry ‘without’ a brush until it is only about 75% dry. The last step is to take a hard bristle brush, perhaps one like a boar bristle and blow dry the hair ‘upwards’ thus enabling you to lift your roots and add the desired volume you are seeking.

Adding a Hair Extension

Hair extensions are not just for adding length and color to your natural hair, but a hair extension is a great way to make your thin hair appear thicker and have more volume as well, but be sure to select extensions that are made from real hair, this way you are off to a great start of achieving that thick, beautiful hair you are seeking, you can achieve that luxurious full head of hair look while still looking and feeling completely natural. Regardless of the length of your hair – short, medium, or long adding a real hair extension will give life to your hair in a natural way. crown extension


Nearly all women like a little volume and height and lift to their hair. Well, ladies your mother was right, that rat-tail comb she had is still what you need to today to achieve that volume you are looking for. You don’t have to go for the Farrah (Charlie’s Angels) look, but a little bit of teasing can go along way to achieving that rich, thick hair look with the right tools, techniques, and products. The tools are simple, all you need is a rat-tail comb, this comb is ideal because it can also be used to detail the shape of the hair after back-combing it. The technique is not difficult either. Simply take 1-to2-inch sections from the top the head. Hold the hair away from the scalp and use the comb and push the comb down into the roots starting at the mid-shaft of the hair and repeat as needed. Once that is done simply comb over the teased sections to smooth top layer. If any of the hair has become flattened just take the end of your comb and place it in the flattened are and pull up with the comb to allow your hair to become full again. Lastly, once your hair is in place and smooth, simply set the style with a medium hold hair spray of your choice.
Dry Shampoo helps to add Thickness
Yes, ladies dry shampoo can be your friend. It is actually ‘not’ recommended to wash your hair daily as it strips your hair of it’s natural oils. Adding in that dry shampoo helps with volume and texture while leaving in those natural oils. Dry Shampoo adds thickness, volume, and texture. Dry shampoo takes away that oily look your hair can sometimes get while helping to add texture and volume. Another trick for that thickness you need and want is to spray the dry shampoo on your wet or damp hair and when that is done it expands the hair strands; so that when the blow dryer is used, the strands continue to expand and have a thicker feel to them. In order to help further if you backcomb sections of the hair be sure to use the dry shampoo on the roots to add that instant volume and thickening look. All that is left is to lock in the look and the thick, beautiful hair you see on others is now the hair you have as well. Volumize powder is another useful product that really makes a difference.