Apr 19, 2018

The average woman loses between 50-100 strands per day, and that’s a lot! Luckily, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you remedy that. If you feel your hair is too thin to style, read on to learn more about how to make your hair appear more luscious and thicker.


“Okay, but doesn’t mousse make your hair feel crunchy?” you might ask. It can, but not through the way we’re about to tell you! According to Cosmo, using an egg-size amount of mousse is essential for adding life to otherwise thin, lifeless hair. Work it from roots to end before blow drying to get optimal volume.

Switching Your Hair Part

Doing your opposite hair part can give you an instant lift to your hair! Because your hair is typically parted the same way everyday, it can look matted and feel dull. If you’re not ready to pull the plug on this change, you can always part it the opposite while doing your make up or washing your face, and then spray some hairspray on before you flip it back to create more volume.

Tips for blow drying thin hair

Always start with a heat protectant to avoid frizz and dead ends. For thinner hair, it’s important to section off hair. Flip hair over and use a round brush for the inner sections, then flip hair over and finger-comb your hair in the remaining sections. Be sure to pull hair away from the scalp rather than blow-drying flat against your head (this will undo the voluminous progress you’ve already made!). Condition Hair Before You Shampoo It What?! That’s right. Conditioner is essential to make hair sleek and smooth, but sometimes it makes it almost too hard to style. Washing your hair with conditioner first can help prevent this and give your hair the right texture it needs to create the perfect volume and style. The Double Pony If your pony is looking a little drab, try a double one! Section your hair in two parts (lower and upper) and section the lower half into a pony. Take the upper section and section that off into a higher pony, blending the two. This will give your hair a lift and make your hair appear more voluminous. Hair Extensions crown topper A crown topper is a great way to help thin hair not only appear longer, but thicker as well. Make sure to select hair extensions that are easy to use, don’t need to be glued or sewn in, and are made from real hair. Style the way you like and you’re off to achieving beautiful, thick hair! Teasing Teasing your hair is another easy way to add thickness to your hair, achieving volume at the roots. Split your hair into sections, backcombing each section and hiding the backcomb with the sections above. Finger your hair to achieve a tousled, full volume look. Dry Shampoo Lastly, dry shampoo is your friend! Don’t wash your hair everyday, as it strips your hair of its natural oils. Instead, use a dry shampoo that adds a little “grit” to your hair. This will help with volume and texture!