Jun 25, 2018

Hair extensions are a common item these days among women of almost any age and any social status, what was once thought of as only a ‘celebrity indulgence’ is now commonplace, and many women have and wear hair extensions. That having been said, there are still a few considerations before taking the plunge and making that investment. Extensions aren’t just for adding length and fullness anymore. Women like to experiment with styles, bangs, or different colors.

Lifestyle Considerations

The type of hair extensions you purchase should be based on your lifestyle. For example, if you are a yoga instructor and do beach volleyball and run marathons, etc., getting a tape -in extension is not a good option for you as you are too active, you would want an extension that is more flexible such as a clip in, nothing permanent. If you are someone who likes a lot of change and tries a lot of colors, then you would want clip-ins to give yourself the more varied option of changing every few days. It is essential to talk with your stylist about these lifestyle considerations down to if you wear glasses and where to put the extensions based on the size and style of your glasses. All these little ‘things’ will make a difference when deciding on shape and form and design.

Color Matching

luxury volume extensions You usually want to blend the color of your extensions with your natural color, but they don’t have to “match” perfectly. Different shades will blend differently with your own hair, so different looks, shades, and highlights can easily be achieved with quality real hair extensions that clip in. Hair colors do tend to be mixed, so our hair is already blended. This is also where again, your stylist can be helpful in the process.

No Skimping On Quality

If you have decided to treat yourself and wear extensions, go the whole way and splurge. The goal is, of course, not to look like you are wearing ‘fake’ hair. Maybe you don’t have to sell the house to purchase the ‘most’ expensive extension, but there are some very nice ‘reasonable’ choices that are made that will look closest to your real hair, style, and texture the same way your real hair does, and they won’t shed. The cheaper versions will shed, they will tangle and have a super high shine to them which will be a dead give away you are wearing ‘fake’ hair. Real human hair extensions are undetectable, and help add coverage, volume, and length. So, take some time, do some research, talk to your stylist, and choose wisely.