Mar 19, 2021

Full Volume Topper

Do you have alopecia or some form of hairloss? Then a hair topper extension from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is perfect for you! The best thing about our hair toppers is that they are used to help with various hair problems. Such as alopecia, trichotillomania, hormonal hairloss, scalp folliculitis, trichorrhexis, thyroid condition or many other hair issues. No matter the reason if you have mild to more serious hairloss one of our luxury volume hair toppers can help be the solution for you.

Light Volume Topper

GOT ROOTS? Does your hair grow really fast? Do you have a really fast paced lifestyle where you can't make it to the hair salon every 4-6 weeks for a color touch up? Then one of our luxury hair toppers could be the perfect solution for you. We have thousands of customers that just clip their human hair topper in every morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to ship to me?

Our process is unlike any other hair brand in the world, Our top quality Human Hair Topper, wigs and extensions are all hand made.Made with a very specific hand tie design that our Owner Lauren Ashtyn who is a licensed Hair stylist and extension specialist has implemented on her product design team. This specific design take 60 days to complete just one unit. no wonder they look so natural and seamless. Although this process takes so much time to create your product, we have thousands of units ready in our inventory ready to ship from our office straight to your Door everyday. so NO WORRIES once you order your color and unit style it will be shipped to you in 2-3 business days.

How long Do they last?

Due to the high grade of European Human Hair and the very detailed hand tie design these wigs, extensions, and volume extension toppers last much longer than other lesser quality hair products on the market. Our hair units can last any where from 1-3 years with proper care we have testimonials from clients that still wear there original unit from 5 years ago and they still look beautiful. It all comes down to the care of the product for each customer.

Can Curl and straighten them with hot tools.

Due to the high grade of European Human Hair you can style with hot tools with no damage. Its just like your own hair it is very important to use the correct tools and products to protect the integrity of the units hair and your own hair. as a professional stylist we always suggest to our clients use of quality hair tools and never use the highest heat setting on the tool. check out our youtube for tutorials on styles with quality hair tools.

can i color, tone or Bleach the hair?

Due to the high grade of European Human Hair used in our units you can change the color with no damage. As a professional stylist we suggest going from light to dark if need a color change. just like your own hair we don't ever suggest to our color clients to use a bleach. Its really a technical skill to provide a successful bleach process so please make sure you consult with your stylist before coloring at all. we color our units for thousands of customers with very successful outcomes but not all coloring techniques are the same with each stylist. IF THE COLOR COMES OUT NOT MEETING YOUR EXPECTATION IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE PRODUCT IT IS THE FAULT OF THE STYLIST.

will others be able to notice i have it on or in my hair?

We get this question all the time. we like to refer our customers to our glowing product reviews and customer photos. this is also why we have so many real life customer photos not. We want the customer looking to purchase our quality units to see the true transparent look of the product not from a dolled up model, or high res. edited photos of the product. we strive to meet every customers expectation by providing the most honest view of each product.

How to choose my perfect match for my hair loss? and find my color.

We have 2 simple ways to find your perfect match you can take our step by step click guide on our home page that walks you thru the choosing of the units size to finding your color match to finally finding the product best suited for your needs. and OUR MOST POPULAR option i s to complete the online free consultation with our Hair Extension specialists that are always available to help find your perfect match. just go to our consultation tab follow the 4 easy step speaking to our representative and they can help you find what meets your fine hair or hair loss needs and Finally meeting your hair Goals.

How to wash my hair?

Very easy! simply use the technique in this video of lauren who washes her units every 45-60 days. also with each order you will receive in your luxury hair box a step by step instructions on this. but the best way is to SIGN UP for our MAINTENANCE PACKAGE which takes out all the quess work. With this package you simply ship the unit in to us we have a quality dedicated LICENSED STYLIST team give it a luxury salon treatment and making sure its all as new. Our team checks the clips. the mesh, hair integrity, and gives it the royal treatment with thorough shampoo and conditioning treatment with our high grade hair care products.

What if i need to exchange or return?

This is the most asked question and the one we try to communicate thoroughly with our clients so we provide a great Happy, Healthy, Sanitary customer experience. Unlike other brands who provide 30 day exchanges and a lesser quality product we only provide a 48 exchange and a return policy of 24 hours. why is this you ask because we Operate in a matter complying with salon quality sanitation guidelines. We believe as hair professionals that we should never resell human hair used by one individual to another, because we can not say with complete confidence verify it as completely sanitary and stand by the quality after it has been used not knowing what the previous client has done to the unit. Other brand have a lesser quality item and will allow customers to wear the units for 30 days at a time then return and resell the unit to multiple clients. this is very unsanitary and in our professional opinion unethical practice in our industry. some claim 30 day returns as long as you do not open the package... well how possible is that really we find this unfair to the client. how can a client see if its a match then and get a refund or and exchange it doesnt match with our opening it. then your stuck with a product. Our policy is simple..... notify us within 48 hours of receiving the package just do not alter the style of the unit and immediately place it back in the original packaging and drop off at any UPS store with in 48 hours of receiving the package and return for any exchange. As far as a return and refund we dont allow for this at this time due to sanitary process we have once we receive a return it is considered a scraped unit and goes back to our education team to use to educate incoming stylist team or placed in quarantine for 30 days to verify it is at that point sanitary. The only option for a return is you must return within 48 hours of receiving the package and must pay a 175$ restock fee and once we have the unit back in our facility we will at that time process your refund.


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