*Keep your Lauren Ashtyn hair in the best condition possible by using our Shampoo and Blowout services. When you purchase this service you ship your piece back to us and one of our trained stylists at our salon will Shampoo, Blowout, and style your piece for you! So many customers love this service because they don't want to have to shampoo and blowout their pieces themselves so this is perfect for our very busy on the go clients!

*Once you purchase this service you would then ship your piece back to us. The turn around time is normally 2-3 business days in house and then your piece would be shipped back to you. (We always go in order of orders or blowouts received in our offices) This means if we don't have many in front of your order then your order will go out faster than if we have more orders coming in.

*How to ship your piece back!

Make sure to only ship via UPS. No other carrier will ship to our office address.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection

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