Our hairpieces are created from the finest, 100% human European Remy human hair available. The excellent quality of our hair means that our pieces can be shampooed, blown dry, and even styled using curling and flat irons. In addition, because authentic human hair is used, L.A. Hair pieces can even be custom colored!

Meticulously crafted by hand, each strand of hair is hand-sewn into the highly breathable micro-mesh, which is the foundation of each of our hairpieces. To further ensure the lasting beauty of our products, each individual hair strand is triple knotted for minimal shedding.

Yes!!! Our hairpieces come in a beautiful array of multi-dimensional colors, but one of the things that make us unique is that our pieces can be colored to better suit your client’s needs. Color customization is a fabulous selling point for a stylist. Each client will need to have their hairpiece trimmed to blend with their natural hair by an L.A. Hair trained stylist, to add the final polish to the customization.

One of the many wonderful things about owning an L.A. Hair piece is that is can be customized just for you! Any L.A. Hair certified stylists can easily color your hairpiece to blend beautifully with the new color you have chosen for your hair. Of course, if you have chosen a color pallet that lies far outside the range of what would be considered standard variations of blond/brunette/red/grey this may be more difficult. We do not recommend lightening (bleaching) our products as this degrades the integrity of the product itself.

Yes! Because our hairpieces are crafted from 100% human hair, they can be blown dry, and hot tools may be used in styling. We do recommend applying our Lauren Ashtyn Collection Heat Protectant Spray prior to styling with hot tools. It is critical, when using hot tools, to keep them a safe distance from the micro-mesh base in the hair toppers and the mono-filament found in each crown extension piece.

We recommend a hairpiece be shampooed, on average, once every 3 to 4 months, although slightly more frequent shampooing should not damage an L.A. Hair hairpiece. By following our recommended care instructions and storing each hairpiece in it’s own satin logo bag, L.A. Hair pieces will remain fresh and hold their style for several months. For best results, we do not recommend sleeping or swimming in a L.A. Hairpiece.

We only recommend The Lauren Ashtyn Collection salon and styling products for use on our hairpieces (they are fantastic for use on natural hair as well!). Our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and have no artificial colors. None of our products are tested on animals. For a complete listing of our salon products, please visit our online store!

If you are a professional and are interested in partnering with The Lauren Ashtyn Collection and offering our line of luxury hairpieces and salon products to your clients, please click the “professionals” tab above. We offer a 10-day free trial so you can test our pieces in your salon! Feel free to email professionals@laurenashtyn.com!

If cared for properly, our luxury hairpieces should provide years of beautiful and stylish wear! It is truly an investment in your appearance that will pay off for years to come!

These are called return hairs and are designed into each piece for volume and a more natural appearance. When hair is shed naturally from a human scalp, a new hair takes its place. Because we loose hundreds of hairs each day, we each have hairs of various lengths growing back in at all times. We added return hairs to our hairpieces so they more closely resemble active and growing hair found on the human head.

Contact us for a consultation. You will see that finding the right hairpiece will be a snap (we have trained stylist who will speak with you and are available for an online visual consultation)!

Because we consider our hairpieces to be ‘intimate items’ that are worn in direct contact with the human body and human hair, we have a policy of no returns and no exchanges no refunds. We want to assure each and every one of our clients that the L.A Hair product they purchase comes straight to them from our warehouse and is not an item that has been purchased previously and then returned. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page on our website for a full disclosure of our no return no refund and no exchanges policy.

Our hairpieces are constructed on a micro-mesh base and rimmed in polyurethane.

We do not recommend that any of our hairpieces be blown dry while you are wearing them. This could result in hair loss around the clips. Hair pieces may be gently styled or curled while on on the head, but please use caution and avoid pulling in order to keep your own hair healthy and damage free.