Apr 26, 2018

Thinking about changing your hair up for the summer? We’re here to break down the hottest and most popular trends of 2018!

Rose Gold Pink

Rose gold pink is a shade of pink and blonde, and looks oh so lovely! Spotted on celebs like Emma Roberts, this color has the capability to light up the whole face, even without make up!

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink?! In hair? That’s right. This color was a huge trend in 2017 and in 2018 as well, and now, it’s making its way to the scalp. It’s taking over!

Burgundy Hair

Celebs like KeKe Palmer have been spotted with this look. Beautiful with braids or curly hair, burgundy is predicted to be a hot color trend this summer!
Denim Blue
Let your favorite pair of jeans inspire this look! Denim blue is predicted to be popular this year, as showcased by celebs like Nicole Richie. Look out for this red carpet look in a salon or in a box!
Ashy Blonde
Last year brought all types of looks; silver, metallic, and now this year, the ash-blonde look is in. Try it with a cute bob! Contrasting Colors This look was popularized by star Selena Gomez. Soft brown roots with blonde hair framing the rest of the face, which makes it easier for the hair to grow out with less maintenance. Two-Toned Hair customizable hair extensions You’ll need a microscope for this one! This look is considered “reverse ombre,” with roots that are just slightly darker than the ends of the hair. You’ll barely be able to tell a difference! Eclipting This trend is great for brunettes! As popularized by Aveda, “eclipting” simply means coloring the whole head with a dark base before strategically placing highlights so to “contour” the hair. Not only does it accentuate the shape of the hair, but it helps contour the face too! Autumn Colored Hair Fashion experts are predicting red colors like copper and autumn will be “hot” this year. If you want your hair to stay red as long as possible, always use a heat protectant, and avoid using heating products when possible! Braids Braids are the perfect way to keep your head cool in the summertime! French braid, fishtail, double braids, are all great ways to look stylish while keeping cool. Top Knot Top knots will be your best friend this season! Your neck will need a break from all of your hot hair, so be sure to stock up on extra hair ties and get to bunnin’! Ponytail A summer classic! For added volume, try adding some hair extensions to make your hair look fuller (and easier to put up). If you’d rather stick with your short hair, try adding some light volume extensions to add a small pony on the side, nape, or top. Crown extensions can really add length, helping you rock whatever type of pony or updo you feel like!