Jan 22, 2018

As a new mom, your hairstyle is often the last thing on your mind. Some days, amidst all the chaos that can come from having a new baby in the house, it is all you can do to find a clean outfit, let alone style your hair. Luckily, there are some simple steps that you can take to style your hair in a jiffy. Read below to learn 3 easy hairstyling ideas for busy new moms. These ideas will help you look stylish in no time, so that you can go back to raising the perfect family (unfortunately, we don’t have any tips on how to raise perfect children, but we’re all ears).

Use Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer a boost to the volume and fullness of your hair, and can help you look your best, without hours of styling. Hair extensions are easy to maintain, easy to wear, and quick to apply (especially if you are using clip-in hair extensions). Be sure to use real hair extensions, as opposed to synthetic hair extensions, to ensure that you look your absolute best. You can also use color extensions to add a quick burst of color to your hair. This will allow you to dramatically change your hairstyle, while spending hardly any time at all. Consider shopping online for some hair extensions that will help you quickly and easily alter your style. clip-in hair extensions

Wear Easy, Loose Hairstyles

When you are a new mom, you can pretty much kiss fancy, time-consuming hairstyles goodbye. Unless you have a team of stylists at your beck and call, you simply won’t have the time or energy for such hair styles. Therefore, we recommend that you wear your hair in a way that is loose, easy to style, and easy to maintain. Consider rocking a straight hairstyle as opposed to curls. Many moms choose to wear their hair in a ponytail, or another similar hairstyle that requires very little maintenance. Using products like matte styling and finishing clay can help you style your hair quickly and easily. These products can be purchased in most hair salons, as well as online.

Remember That You Do Not Need To Wash Your Hair Everyday

As a new mom, it is important to remember that you do not need to wash your hair every day. In fact, you should probably avoid washing your hair every day even if you are not a new mom, as you can actually damage your hair from over washing it. Whatever schedule you work out for washing your hair, it is a good idea to stick to that schedule as much as possible. For new moms, it is especially important to be mindful of this tip, as washing your hair every couple of days can really free up some time for you to do other things. As we all know, motherhood is all about freeing up time. A related tip is to shower at night rather than in the morning. This will drastically cut time out of your morning routine.