May 12, 2017

Wearing the same hairstyle can grow boring. Do not get stuck with your routine hair this season. Have some fun with your mane this summer. Take extra steps to care for your hair as the sun can be harsh. Beware of the potential damage from saltwater or chlorine on vacations and swimming outings. Daily styling with curling irons and straighteners will also add to summer hair damage. It is possible to have stylish hair without the wear and tear of heat styling. Step outside of the box and try new hairstyles that can also benefit your hair health.

The Sleek Pony

Sleek ponytails are perfect for the summer. They keep hair pulled back out of the face and are effortlessly chic. A sleek ponytail adds an element of style to any outfit. There are several ways to wear this trend. The first is a slick ponytail to the back. Part the hair either down the center or on the side for an asymmetrical effect. Once the hair is parted, add gel and hairspray and brush to the lowest point of the scalp. Secure the hair with an elastic. For an extra level of style, separate a strand of hair from the rest and loosely braid. Wrap the braid around the elastic band and secure with a bobby pin. The same path is taken for a high ponytail except for the location. After placing your part, pull the hair up to the highest point of the scalp and secure with an elastic band. Wrapping a braid around the ponytail still works with the height. This hairstyle can be achieved without using additional heat. Styling with a sleek pony can avoid excess heat damage. Accessorize this hairstyle with clip-in hair extensions for extra length.

Braided Goddess

Braids are perfect option for heat free styling. Get bohemian indie vibes with this carefree style. One way to rock braids this summer is to opt for two braids that go from the front of the scalp to the back. This may seem simple yet different styling elements can make it fun. Part the hair down the middle and separate into two sections. Comb the hair through and French braid straight back. You can do this loosely or tight, depending on the look you are going for. Add extensions for length and color. Braids can be decorated with jewels, barrettes, flowers and feathers.

Mermaid Inspired

crown extensions Super long, super wavy mermaid inspired tresses are a great heat-free style. It is possible to get beach ready waves without using electric tools. Whether you are using only your hair or have crown extensions, achieving this look is relatively simple. Wet the hair using a spray bottle. The hair should be damp but not soaking wet. Once the hair is damp, apply a small amount of leave in conditioner or moisturizing cream, ensuring you coat every strand. Once the product is worked in, section the hair in 8-10 sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Braid each section and let dry overnight. The next morning when you unbraid the hair, it will be perfectly wavy.