Jan 19, 2023


Do you want to experiment with new hairstyles to freshen up your look? Hair extensions are a fabulous way to achieve long, thick, and voluminous hair.

They have become a go-to solution for women of all ages and are available in a variety of colors, cuts, and styles.

But are hair extensions bad for your hair? Do hair extensions give you headaches?

A lot of us have concerns when it comes to hair extensions, which is why we are here to dunk the many hair extension myths that may be holding you back from taking the leap. 

1. Hair Extensions Will Damage Your Hair 

So are clip-in extensions bad for hair? Hair extensions are commonly believed to pull out natural hair. However, high-quality clip-in hair extensions won't harm your natural hair in any way.

Before making the purchase, do your research and make sure the brand is reputable and well-reviewed because cheap hair extensions can indeed cause long-term damage. If you want to maximize your investment, aim for real human hair extensions.

2. Hair Extensions Don’t Look Natural 

Most women steer clear of hair extensions because of this prevalent hair extension myth. If you think hair extensions always look noticeable, it’s time to think again.

It’s very easy to make your hair extensions appear natural and beautiful – all you need to do is choose the right extensions for your hair type and color. With the right hair extensions, your natural hair will look absolutely flawless.

3. They Give You Headaches 

Although the extra hair will feel strange at first, you'll quickly get used to it and soon forget that it is there. High-quality extensions are made to look as natural as possible and fit comfortably on your head.

When extensions are professionally installed, you won't feel any pain while wearing them. If you're concerned that you might get a headache, opt for clip-in hair extensions because you can attach and remove them as you please.

4. Hair Extensions are Difficult to Maintain 

A common hair extension myth is that you have to visit a professional hairstylist every time you want to style your hair extensions.

Extensions require upkeep and regular washing just like natural hair does. The majority of extensions require washing every six to eight uses. However, maintaining them becomes incredibly simple and stress-free once you know and understand how to brush, clean, and care for them.

5. They Can’t Be Styled Like Your Natural Hair 

Although it might come as a surprise to you, human hair extensions can be styled and cared for just like your own hair. You can straighten, curl, and blow-dry your hair extensions without damaging them.

On the other hand, heat can’t be applied to synthetic hair because it can melt and harm the hair. So, when you’re shopping for hair extensions, look for human hair extensions to enhance your look instantly.

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