Mar 10, 2020

Spreading The Facts About Hair Toppers

There are lots of hair topper myths floating around, a popular product from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection that adds volume to women’s heads of hair all around the world, specifically those who are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning.

Some people end up passing up the opportunity to try a hair topper because they are unsure of them. Due to hair topper myths, people have formed their own opinions about hair toppers and may be scared to try them. Read on to learn the truth about hair topper myths and how we think they can help you!

What Is A Hair Topper?

Hair toppers are made for those experiencing hair loss at the top of the head. Some people find a good use for them when they have gray hair coming in or simply want a boost in volume. You might hear people refer to this hairpiece as a “wiglet” because it looks like a miniature version of a full hairpiece.

The Difference Between a Hair Topper and Wig

Hair toppers are for smaller, more focused sections of the head whereas wigs cover the entire head. Clips are used to fasten hair toppers to natural hair. Toppers come in a variety of colors and styles and are available in both synthetic and human hair. However, a hair topper made out of human hair will be versatile in terms of styling and coloring and look far more natural.

Here are some of the hair topper myths we would like to set straight:

1. It’s Obvious

BUSTED! A popular hair topper myth that discourages people from wearing them is that they will look fake and everyone will notice it isn’t your natural hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A high-quality hair topper is often impossible to detect. Celebrities experiencing hair loss walk the red carpet without anyone guessing they are wearing a hair topper. That's because they spring for the highest quality hair piece available. Right now, that's Remy.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection exclusively stocks Remy 100% real human hair. We also offer consultations to ensure you get the exact cut, style, and color you need. This is another way your human hair topper will appear completely natural.

Before and after of a woman wearing a hair topper

2. It’s Hard To Maintain

Although Remy 100% real human hair toppers require maintenance each day it is used, it is not much different than caring for your normal hair. A big hair topper myth is that hair toppers are extremely hard to manage. However, once people get a routine in place, it becomes as simple as brushing your teeth at night. Make sure to have a space big enough for the extension to avoid tangles and you are all set to jump in bed.

Some people also believe hair toppers damage your hair. Neither do they harm your hair, nor do they stop it from growing. Hair toppers add more volume to hair that is already thinning and are very low maintenance.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection offers clip in extensions that are simple to remove at the end of the day. This will cut down on the time it takes to maintain your extension and keep it looking good as new.

3. Only Older Women Use Hair Toppers

This hair topper myth has never been more incorrect! A hair topper is perfect for women of all ages with thin hair and would like a little extra bounce to work with. Light volume and full volume hair toppers are used daily by women who have experienced medical conditions that cause hair loss.

But if a woman wants to improve her hair game, hair toppers might be the best option. Whether you are experiencing hair loss or not, you can look absolutely stunning and fabulous in a hair topper.

Now you might be wondering if you can wear a topper with short hair. The answer is YES! Women with short and long hair can wear hair toppers and achieve any desired look. These days, there is no stigma in using clip in hair extensions.

4. It Is Uncomfortable

It’s pretty common to question if hair toppers are comfortable. We are here to debunk the myth that hair toppers are uncomfortable. As opposed to full hairpieces, a hair topper is much more breathable and lightweight because of its smaller portions.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection exclusively sells clip in extensions, which is a lightweight method of adding hair to your style. Either way, advancements have allowed all sorts of hairpieces to fit better and feel more comfortable! Many women forget they are wearing a hair topper when using a high-quality extension like Remy real human hair.

5. Hair Toppers Are Not Versatile

FALSE! This hair topper myth is totally incorrect. When shopping at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, you have the option to completely customize your hair topper.

This is important to look for when shopping around. You can get more than one style and cut to fit your many moods. Just ask for a consultation and we will be happy to answer your questions.

People tend to wonder if you can dye your hair topper. Unlike synthetic hair toppers, human hair toppers can be dyed very easily!

It’s also typical to wonder if you can swim with a hair topper or exercise with a hair topper. Due to its versatility, you can work out and swim in your hair topper. It’s important to keep in mind that this will shorten your hair topper’s life span. Consider using a synthetic hair topper for swimming and exercising and a human hair topper for one you will wear daily.

Looking for a high-quality hair topper that will for years? Check out our collection at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Find the right hair topper for you today!