5 Hairstyles You Can Recreate In 5 Minutes or Less on Short Hair

Mar 14, 2024

5 Hairstyles You Can Recreate In 5 Minutes or Less on Short Hair

Woke Up Late? Short on Time? We got you!
Here are 5 hairstyles to recreate on those days when it looks like you only have time for a messy bun (and not the cute kind). 
Oh, and the best part? All of these hairstyles work best on dirty hair! You’re welcome ladies!

  Faux Braids

We LOVE these quick and easy faux braids by alyssarayelee, on TikTok.
They look so stylish and complicated but only take about 5 minutes to complete.
Add in some volume powder for some extra lift!
Personal Touch: Add ribbon bows over the elastics to create a more flirty look or some unique hair charms for a more boho/edgy look. 
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Slick Back Half Up

This style by ashlynnrudzinski, on TikTok, is and will always be a fan favorite. This style is made for your dirty hair. Add just a touch of your go-to hair gel and you have a classy, effortless look that is sure to impress.



Headbands are making a comeback, and we are excited! Not only are they so cute, but they also make styling your hair so easy, especially in a time crunch. Here’s how southerlybower on TikTok is styling her hair with headbands.
Personal Touch: Give yourself some fun texture using the Moroccanoil texture spray and a Tyme Iron Pro
Looking for the perfect headband? 
Here are some of our favorites!
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Ball Cap

A hat is always a go to for us when we want to look cute but casual in a rush. We love how alyssarayelee is styling short hair for her ball cap and thought we’d share the tutorial on this unique hairstyle. 
Personal Touch: Try adding thrifted/unique brooches on your ball caps to show off your personality. You can also add beads, patches, & more. Get creative!


Banana Clip

Another hair trend that is coming back around are banana clips! This is a great tool for pulling up short hair and keeping it secure all day long. The best part? So much volume!!! 
We think medicalmermaid on TikTok has got the banana clip style down to a science. Check it out!
Quick Tip: Want even more volume? Sprinkle some root powder in your hair before styling and add hairspray for maximum height.
Not sure where to get a good banana clip? Here are our recommendations:
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We hope this guide gives you some inspiration for the next time you are running behind, late for work, or wake up with dirty hair. Don’t worry ladies! It happens to the best of us. 🩷