5 Prom Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Apr 10, 2024

5 Prom Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

It’s Prom season! And you know what that means: Glitz, glamor and $$$.
It can be so expensive when you’re buying a dress, getting your nails done, and planning a fancy dinner with friends. That’s why we’re bringing you 5 different prom hairstyles that you can do yourself to save a little money this season!

Half Up Half Down

Simple is in this year and so for all the girls who want a casual, yet elegant style we chose this half up half down look by oliviarosedemuro. You can create this look with straight hair, curls, or waves. 
We recommend using a TYME iron Pro and the Moroccan Oil hairspray for a frizz free prom night! 

Sleek Pony

Nothing is more simple and classy than a sleek ponytail. We love poppymarchh’s version of this style! It pairs perfectly with hair accessories such as a silk ribbon bow or decorative barrettes.
We recommend the Moroccan Oil Hair Gel and Glimmer Shine Spray for a style that will last you all night!
Quick Tip: Want a more luxurious look? Check out our collection of halo luxury length extensions for some added length and volume!


A fluffy blowout is a timeless option for a formal hairstyle. It works well on all hair types, lengths, and it is easy to personalize. Add in fun barrettes, a matching headband, or just let your voluminous locks speak for themselves. 
We think this quick tutorial by .ashley.k is a great start for that perfect blowout. Make sure to use a high quality heat protectant, volumize powder, and hairspray to get the ultimate blowout that lasts all night!

Elevated Pony

This half up half down ponytail has us obsessed!! This is a great option for all hair types and lengths. It’s simple enough to do on your own, but will turn heads. We believe it is a perfect mix between Serena Van Der Woodson and Blair Waldorf. (Oops, did we just age ourselves?)

Low Bun

Who doesn’t love a traditional bun for a formal event? This style is classic with a modern “twist” (literally). We love laineyostrom’s take on this quick, easy and timeless hair style. 
Quick Tip: Want some extra volume? Sprinkle some root powder in your hair before styling and add hairspray for maximum height.
We hope this guide gives you some inspiration for quick and easy DIY formal hairstyles. Happy Prom Season!! 🩷