May 23, 2017

To look effortlessly chic at all times there are certain things you will need in your style arsenal. Of course, depending on your style aesthetic, there might be a need for a certain color or fabric staple to your wardrobe that can be excluded from another’s. Whether edgy glam or vintage vibes are prevalent in your daily looks, there are essential items that all fashionistas must own. Here are seven items that can sustain any wardrobe.

Nude Pumps

A nude pump is essential to any wardrobe. The staple shoe is great for any occasion. It is a “go to” style that will always work, no matter the outfit and accessories. Nude pumps are not only effortlessly stylish but elongate the legs of the wearer. Find a nude pump that works for you. The closer the shade is to your skin tone, the better.

Clip In Hair Extensions

There are hair and beauty items that every stylish diva must own as well. At the top of the list are clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions have the ability to add body and length to hair or completely change a style, quickly and easily. Every fashionista must own a pair of clip-ins for those last-minute occasions. clip in hair extension

White Button Up

A crisp white button up blouse is great for multiple reasons. The white shirt can be worn in a multitude of ways which makes it essential to any closet. Use this fashion staple to dress up, dress down, go to a meeting or go on a date. As the perfect blank canvas for any accessory, color, or look, its versatility is virtually endless.
Little Black Dress
Just as the white button up is versatile, so is the little black dress. A simple yet chic “LBD” can be worn pretty much everywhere with proper styling. It is incredibly important to have the perfect LBD on reserve in your closet. LBDs are the ultimate day-to-night transformers. Invest in a little black dress that has elements of your personal style but will work in many situations.
Great Pair of Jeans
A great fitting pair of jeans is a prime investment for any wardrobe. With denim, shop around for the best fit and quality. The perfect pair of jeans can last years, so do not be afraid to spend a little extra on your new pair of jeans! They will pay for themselves in usage. A Functional Handbag Every fashionista needs a handbag that can be stylish and hold the entire world. A quality tote, or messenger bag is the perfect place to hold all your fashion secrets. The perfect handbag has multiple compartments and has space for larger items such as magazines or iPads and tablets. Grab a handbag in a basic color such as black or navy to add to your wardrobe. Red Lipstick A classic makeup look that will never go out of style is the red lip. Red lipstick is a shade that can be worn by anyone and can make any look, instantly stylish. Pucker up with a glossy red, matte red, satin red, basically any hue of this powerful shade. Find your favorite tube and stick with it. Your signature red lip is perfect to fall back on in styling emergencies.