Mar 17, 2019

With February gone, spring is almost here (finally). This means that we can put away the snow shovels, the Chap Stick, and the rock salt. It also means that we can put away all of our winter clothes. That’s right: it is time to start thinking about spring fashions. With a new season comes new looks. We will examine some of the most eye-catching fashion trends for the spring of 2019. Read below to find out more about what looks you should be rocking for the spring season. These bright spring looks will have you feeling warmer already!


One fashion trend that seems to be emerging this spring is fishnets. This is a vintage/punk look that is back in a big way. Fishnets are fun and funky, and sure to turn heads this spring.

Polka Dots

No longer for little kids, polka dots have gotten a grown up makeover. This fresh, cool look has dotted runways all over the world, for spring fashion shows. Expect to see outfits with polka dots in stores and on the streets this spring. This is another fun, breezy look that is perfect for spring.

Bike Shorts

What look better captures the spring and summer months than bike shorts? You know, the tight spandex shorts that bikers wear while speeding down the road? It should maybe come as no surprise then that biker shorts have emerged as a recent spring fashion trend. And not just for bikers—many of the leading fashion designers have debuted colorful women’s biker shorts at their recent fashion shows. For a look that is both stylish and athletic, these shorts are the way to go.

Solid Color Blocks

Another look that we predict will be incredibly popular this spring is the solid color block look. This look has also made several appearances on runways lately, and you can expect it to hit stores soon.

Hair Extensions

luxury hair clip-insSo far, we have focused on outfits, but there is a new hair trend emerging this spring as well. Crown topper hair extensions have been making all kinds of waves recently. It is easy to see why:
  • They add body and volume to hair, whether you are looking for full volume or light volume
  • They cover up unwanted grey hairs
  • They combat the effects of hair loss and thinning hair
  • They add length to hair
  • They are easy to clip in and remove
  • They can be fully customized, to match your face, as well as your fashion sense
For all of these reasons, and more, women have been snatching up hair extensions, and will continue to do so throughout the spring and summer. In fact, this is a fashion trend that we do not expect to go away anytime soon.


If you thought crochet was just a hobby for old ladies, think again. Most of the biggest names in fashion have released crocheted outfits and dresses recently. This will give you a unique, yet comfortable look for the spring. You should be able to find these stylish outfits at all price points.